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What Is Publish Online In Adobe InDesign CC

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 35 of 74

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at what Publish Online is. Basically it takes your InDesign document, you get to add all sorts of interactive features, like I've added some animation to my navigation there, and this logo, plus lots of other things. Then you click on this big button here, it says 'Publish Online', it publishes online, you click on 'View Document', and this opens.

Here is my page, I'm going to reload it, and you're going to watch the logo fade in, and then I'll wait for the logo to fade in, and then the terrible timing on my navigation, look how slowly that comes in. That is totally my fault but this is our web hosted solution, so Adobe hosts it, everything works in here, the navigation works, eventually when it loads, bad, Dan, but you can do all sorts of things in here, and it's hosted, people can click on it. You can embed it in your own website. It is probably by far the best option for distributing InDesign documents, I feel, at the moment. Let's go and learn how to do this and make terrible timing with my navigation together. Let's go do that.

So to make the animation happen what we're going to do is click on our bit of text from page 1, and we're going to go to our Animation panel. I've switched from 'Interactive PDF' to 'Digital Publishing', along the top here. You might be on 'Essentials', so switch to 'Digital Publishing'. And along here, you can go to 'Animation'. If you can't find any of those, you can go to 'Window', and go to 'Interactive', and here are all those same panels, I'm going to click on 'Animation'. With it selected, I'm going to say, a 'Preset' please, of a 'Fade In', and this is going to fade in.

Now to preview this, the easiest way is, there's an option down the bottom that says 'EPUB Interactivity'. Click on this. Now by default it's quite small, it's like this small. It's nice just to grab the bottom left corner and make it a little bit bigger to see if you can see it. Make sure, on this first option here, preview just the one page and let's click the 'Play' button, and watch this little-- if I 'Fade In', ready, 'Play', give it a second. As it loads, that thing fades in. So that's one of the perks for using Publish Online, you get to use animation. Now we've done a Fade, let's do one more. I'm going to select on the logo here. I'm going to go to 'Animation', and I'm going to use 'Choose'. And I'll go 'Fly in from-- not the top, I'll use 'Fly in from Right'. And there's one or two things you can change, you can make it take a longer duration. You can get it to play a couple of times, and get it to loop forever.

Speed, it's easing in and out by default. I like the way it defaults in. So there's a few other things you get to change but we'll just leave it as default. And you'll notice this little green line, kind of indicating its animation. If you can't see, you might have the 'W' key selected. And you can't see any of those sort of stuff, so 'W' again. Let's go back to our EPUB Interactivity preview. You've got to keep clicking Play to kind of get it to reset, so watch. Fade in, and this should slide in. Fade in, slide in. Ah, so good!

So once you've got your animations working you can start playing around with the timing. Let's say I want these little navigation bars to start-- I want to get him to slide in, these little tabs here, but maybe one after each other. So what we can do is go to our 'A-Master', just click on 'Tables'. And I'm going to do the same animation. I'm going to get it to slide in from the right. I'm going to do that for all of them. So I'm going to get you and you, you can select more than one. And I'm going to say, you, slide in from the right as well. 'Slide in from the right'. It also has to do with the timing. So I've got these three options here, I'm going to go to 'Timing'. And they're just called group, group, group. That's the first one, that's the second one, that's the third one. It's on this page. It's only looking at what page we have open.

This first one here, I'm going to say, you my friend, load, maybe after '1' second. That will give the title time to appear. And the little slide in from the logo. This one here is going to be '1.5', and then this last one is going to be '2' seconds. Just so there's a bit of staggered loading. Let's give it a preview, so I'm going to go back to 'Page 1'. Go for my EPUB Interactivity. Hit 'Play', kick back, relax, be amazed. You appear, you appear, and then the navigation appears. And the delay, be amazed, with my terrible timing.

So you might have to go and speed that timing up. I'll probably do something a lot faster than that. Let's just say that's okay. Now to publish this online you can click this button up here in the top right, or there's another option, 'File', 'Publish Online'. It doesn't matter which one, they end up at the same place. Now what we'll do is we'll just quickly cover this one. So this is going to be 'MF Catalog 2019'. This title actually gets seen by people, so MF is not the best acronym, as you've probably worked out, so 'Maynooth Furniture'. No, I can't spell. So people see this. We'll go through the more advanced stuff later on in the next video, but let's just go through the general stuff, let's just click 'Publish'. So this can take a little while. I'll get the editor to speed it up, and I'll meet you at the other end.

So that didn't take very long at all. So what we've got now is a web hosted version of our document. So let's click on 'View Document'. I'm going to refresh this so you can see my amazing timing. He fades in, he slides in, he comes in, and then oh, my goodness, a million years later these slide in. The cool thing about this is, you get to do these animations which can't be done in Interactive PDFs, it can be done in EPUB. But what's really nice is that it appears in a website.

You can link to this, you can embed it on your sites. We'll go through a few more details, but this is Publish Online and it's just-- Adobe hosted, it all works. All the interactivity works. Oh, my terrible navigation's on every page. So I might have to fix that. You can use the navigation as long as you're prepared to wait for it, Dan. So, Publish Online is just an Adobe hosted website version of your InDesign document. And the cool thing about it is, everything just works. So let's go back into InDesign now and look at all the different things we get to do inside the Publish Online feature. So it's not just animation, like we did, there's lots more to do. Let's go do it now.