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Introduction To Adobe InDesign CC Advanced

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Hi there, my name is Dan. I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign. I was named MAX Master at Adobe Max this year, which is Adobe's big conference they have every year.

Now this course is about the advanced features in InDesign. We're going to talk about productivity, speedy work flow techniques. So, this is not for people brand new to InDesign. It's for people that already have the fundamentals. If you are okay placing images, working with text, then this is the course that's going to take you to the next level.

Now even if you consider yourself a pretty heavy InDesign user I promise you, this course is going to blow your InDesign mind. We'll learn advanced font tricks using Typekit and OpenType fonts as well as font grouping and font pairing. You'll master color features like the Color Theme tool and Color modes as well as techniques for professional proofing of colors for [punching??00:01:06]. We'll set them as defaults, like fonts, colors, and turning the integrated hyphenation off once and for all.

We'll explore tricks for creating, aligning, and distributing shapes, as well as more advanced drawing tricks. Even tricks on how to magic up more background, or completely remove it. And what we'll learn in Advanced InDesign course, we will have tactics to control our paragraphs fully. Fun tricks like expanding text boxes, splitting, and spanning columns.

We'll become a Styles Master using Nested Styles, Grep Styles, Next Styles, Advanced Object Styles. Your work is going to become super amazing, super fast, super fluid. We'll make beautiful charts and graphs in InDesign. You'll finally learn all the pros and cons for all the various digital distribution methods including things like Interactive PDFs, EPUBs and amazing new Publish Online. You become a master of long text heavy documents as well as interactive forms, and scripts. There is just so much we cover.

I want to cover it all here in the intro, but there's just not enough time so for a detailed list go through the video courses, that will outline everything that we cover. So if you are one of those people who knows there's a better, faster way to work in InDesign, follow me, we'll go from good at InDesign to super amazing at InDesign. Excited. InDesign's awesome.