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Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training

How To Place InDesign Documents Inside Of Each Other

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 66 of 74

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In this video we're going to place an InDesign document inside another InDesign document. Why? Because it brings through both the InDesign file plus all its related links. Makes it easy to update, and it's super simple to do. Let's go do it now.

So I've just got a blank document open, and I'm going to go to 'File', 'Place', and it's that simple. So I'm going to bring in the file I made earlier in this course called '01 Spring Flyer'. I'm going to bring in-- you'll be tempted to bring in the PDF file but if you bring in the InDesign file directly, I'll show you a few little perks of doing it this way. So I'm going to place it in. I'm going to make it a bit smaller, so it's just like placing a graphic or an image. Hold down 'Command-M-Shift' to resize it. But the perks are, under the Links panel you can see here, my InDesign file, but look, you can actually see the images that are actually inside the InDesign file. So my ai file, and the jpeg, and I can check. Is it RGB, is it CMYK, is it the right resolution? So you can dig into that sort of stuff rather than a flat old PDF.

Obviously another perk, is I can click on this, right click it, and say 'Edit Original'. And I can go through and make some text changes. I'm not, I'm just going to delete the logo, because I'm lazy. Save it. Go into here, and you'll notice that it updates. So it's one of the other perks for not using the PDF.

Another little trick to do, is instead of finding it, right clicking, and go to 'Edit Original', if you hold the 'Option' key on a Mac, or the 'Alt' key on a PC, and just double click on the Placement Design file, you can kind of tell this place here, a little linking icon. If you hold down 'Option', or 'Alt', and double click it, it goes and opens it as well. I'm going to undo, put my logo back, save it, close it, and everything's back to life.

Great way of working, especially when you're making, maybe ads in an InDesign file, or maybe making a longer document in another. All right, let's place documents in InDesign.