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How To Crop Images Inside Of Text In Adobe InDesign CC

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 60 of 74

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Hi there, in this video we're going to do some Advance Cropping, where we stick it inside stars, and we stick it inside custom shapes that we make, and awesomely, we stick images inside of text. Let's go and do that now in InDesign.

So let's do the first one, doing some custom shapes. So we've pasted it into a circle before, in case you missed that one. Truly easy, pick a shape. I'm going to use the 'Polygon Tool', click on it once. I'm going to double click it. I'm going to pick '5' sides, with a Star Inset of '50' to give me kind of a traditional star shape. Holding 'Shift' while I'm dragging, grab an image. Click off in the background, 'File', 'Place'. Find any image, I'm finding one from '03 Magazine'. I'll bring this guy. Remember just to paste it over the top of where you want to go. Go to 'Edit', 'Cut'. Select it, and go to 'Edit', 'Paste Into', that's the magic trick.

Now this is one we did earlier, inside of a circle. I'm going to select it, and delete it. What I'd like to do is a bit more of a custom shape. So I'm going to go back to the 'Ellipse Tool', grab an 'Ellipse'. I am going to draw out a circle. And I'm going to grab the 'Pen Tool'. The Pen tool has a couple of options, I'm just going to use the top Pen tool. And I'm going to click once on the edge, and you'll see the Pen tool turns into like a little '+'. I'll click once there, then drag, once about there, and then one in between. Why? Because I want to grab my White Arrow. I'm going to drag that one in between out. Sometimes it can be a little hard to select, so you got to click 'Off', then hover kind of roughly where it was, then click on just that one point. It's even harder now, there's lots of dots, but that's what I want to do. I want to pull out like a little blob.

Next thing I want to do is go back to my Pen tool, there's an option here, it says 'Convert Direction'. By now it's a bit of a blob, it's got a rounded bit. I'm just going to click on it once, and that will clear off those little rounded bits. Now it's nice and pointed. So you can make any shape. I just made like a little speech bubble, that's what I wanted to do. Bring in another image. I got enough images to grab. I'm going to grab one from 'Spring Flyer'. 'Modern kitchen with white and yellow colors'. Remember, I drag it so it's just above where you need it to go. Cut it. 'Edit', 'Cut', then 'Edit', 'Paste Into'. So it doesn't really matter what kind of shape it is. You can draw in Illustrator as well, and copy, and paste it in if you're more comfortable drawing in there. It could be some of the options from our CC Marketplace. So 'Assets', 'Market', 'Download an Icon', and place it into that. You might have to ungroup it first.

Now let's get into the thing you've been waiting for, the pasting inside text. And this totally reminds me of Baywatch, for some reason. Everybody remembers Baywatch, not the new one, the old one. Goodness to Hasselhoff. So I've got a text box, I'm going to write Baywatch, for no good reason. Do you remember? It was like waves in the background. So what I'm going to do is make a nice big font. I'm using 'Command-Shift-.' to make it bigger. You can use 'Control-Shift-.' on a PC. I'm going to pick a nice-- there's Roboto Slab in here, 'Roboto Slab Bold'. Too big. Slab is too big a chunky font. And what I'd like to do is paste an image inside of that.

Now for this to work, we need to do something called Outlining the Text. Now, because we outline it, we can't then adjust it later on. So often it can be handy just to duplicate it so we've got a backup version. With this selected, let's go to 'Type', there's one in here, it says 'Create Outlines'. Basically it turns it into shapes, that look like text. You can't use the Type tool anymore, but what we can do, is we can bring in an image. Let's go to 'Exercise Files', let’s bring in one of the ones from 'Drawing'. Not even sure which one I'm going to pick, I'll pick this one. So 'Image 4', and because I had it selected and because I had this option turned on, 'Replace Selected Item', it just put it in. If it didn't work, you can just draw it over the top, like we did everything else. Get it in the right spot. Cut it. Then select it, and go to 'Edit', 'Paste Into'. Baywatch.

All right, that's going to be it for some advanced copying. On to the next video.