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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Class Project 08 - Track Matte

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, it is time for a class project. This one is to create a Track Matte transition. So it can be a Luma Matte or Alpha Matte, up to you. I'd love you to use your own files that you're transitioning between. If you don't have anything go to If you, for some reason can't get to either of these places, you can use some from the Exercise Files. I'd like you to find your own Transition Matte. So Google around, you're going to have to explore different ones and test them, so that's part of it. Finding ones that work well, some of them that don't. 

If you-- you know, as a last resort, I've got one in your 'Exercise Files', it's called 'Matte 5'. You can use that one, at least practice with that one, and for the thing that you actually upload and share, try and find your own transition. You don't have to, you can use Matte 5 if you want. So transition between at least two clips, do a couple, grab a couple of them, string them together, do a couple of transitions. Optionally add some music, and if you do run into problems, I bet you will, transitions using these Mattes can be problematic. Some of them just don't work, because there's a million people making them. 

So let us know, issues you had, and if you overcame them, it'd be great, because you'd be able to share with other people, and then be able to see how they might get around it. If you just couldn't make it work let us know, what we got stuck, we might be able to help, or it might be just a good indication of some things don't work with Track Mattes. 

So upload your video, so render it, upload your video to Behance or Vimeo, or something else, and share it in the Assignments Project section of this page, and also share on social media, I'd like to see what you made. All right, that is class project 8, Track Mattes. Let's get on to the next video.