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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Setting up our Premiere Pro project

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, this video is just setting up a project, I do throw some tips and tricks in here, so skip it at your peril, but really if you're just looking for proxies, jump to the next video. 

All right, let's set up this project, and I will share a couple of tiny little booties in here with you. So let's get started by importing our footage. So 'New Project', 'File', 'New Project', double click the button. Ours is called "Tourism Island Roadrising." It's a campaign we're going to work on. I'm going to browse, I'm going to put it inside of my Exercise Files, which is on my 'Desktop', inside 'Tourism Island', and let's all put it inside 'Project Files'. That's my file structure that I use quite often. Great for small projects, Audio, Footage, Project Files, is all my After Effects in Premiere Pro, that's where I'm going to put this, click 'OK', and we've got our project. 

Let's import all of our files, so let's go double click 'Import Media', and I'm going to go inside 'Tourism Island', and I want to bring in 'Audio', 'Footage' and 'Graphics'. I'm holding the 'Command' key down to select all of those in, on a Mac, you use 'Ctrl' on a PC, let's click 'Import'. I'd like to switch mine to this view here, 'List View', that's where I like to work, it's up to you, and there's all our footage. 

Now let's create a sequence from this all. Let's select everything but Z, I don't want Z. So all I did was click the first one, hold 'Shift', click on 'D', and I should be able to select them all. Drag them into the sequence, it'll create a sequence, plus add them all to the Timeline. So it's a great way of getting started. 

One thing you might not notice, a little bonus tip as we go along, is when you add all of that sort of stuff, you notice it's A, B, C, D, and that doesn't always work. It comes down to a couple of things, A, if you've ordered by Name or Frame Fate, it'll, whatever the Frame Rate is, or media stuff, whatever you ordered your footage by, it will use that as the kind of first to last, and also if you are by Name it is still A, B, C, but if I select D first-- so let's undo this, I'm undoing. 

So I said 'D' first, I've got Order by 'Name', select 'D' first, hold 'Shift', click 'A', because I did that way around, watch what happens when I create the sequence. You end up with D first. That was confusing for me for a long time, you can use it to your power. So just make sure you've selected 'Name', and you're reordered nicely. So that works for me, except I want to start with A to D, let's do that. We can leave Z off for the moment, or just delete it off the end. Let's rename our sequence, this one's called 'Tourism Island', this is 'Roadrising 30 seconds' version. We're going to do a couple of different sizes, but that's our 30 second version, exciting. 

Now I'm inside of footage, I'm going to drag it just to the left. You ever wondered how to reorder that stuff, it can be a bit annoying. Just drag it to the left and it will come out. I might, if I was having lots of different, like a social media project, I'd probably have another bin or folder, that was with our sequences, but I'm just going to leave mine sitting out here. So we've got to here. Now we're like, "Oh, it's playing okay on my computer," it's not playing okay, it's because I got screen recorder on. It's not even trying, look at it. Real time. 

 So this is a really good example, I was gonna have to fake it, but I don't. Turn screen recording software on, and try and edit 4K footage, and it's just too jumpy. You can get away with this, you can go, "Let's go one quarter." Okay, like that's doing it, but even then sometimes if the codec is not right, your computer just won't like it, if it's on Full or on 1/4, you know, 16th, won't do it. So I'm going to put mine on 1/2. So how do we make a proxy?