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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Freeze frame pause & hold frame in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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This video we're going to look at, Hold Frames, Freeze Frames, Pause Frames. It just means that it's going to be some live action playing, and then it's going to stop and pause, and hold. It's going to dim, in this case, well, I've got some other footage over the top, and then it's going to come back to life, and keep playing. I'll also show you how to do kind of a Freeze Frame at the end of a clip. So it gets to the end of this clip and then just kind of holds, that we can do either credits, or maybe YouTube, what's coming next, recommended video type things, maybe social media. 

Now we're doing it for live action dialogue, but you might be doing it for like sports stuff on really cool scenes, where instead of Dan talking, it pauses on some amazing action footage, of sports people doing sporty stuff. Principle's the same, let's jump in and figure out how. 

To make that happen let's import two files, it is in your 'Exercise Files/Fixing', it's called 'Hold Frame 01' and '02'. Let's make a sequence from 'Hold Frame 01', and play it back. I'll play it back for you, you can watch, everybody listen. "Last things to cover, those glasses, that talk to me at the beginning, they're actually real, the company's called Veu, V-E-U." So that was, I do that all the time. So that's wrong, I'm going to do it, like a little, you saw at the beginning there, where I have this, like pause, and I explain myself, and you can be-- Hold Frames can be used for lots of different reasons, might be pausing on action shots, but mine is, because I need to do that overlay. 

So what I'm going to do is, backslash, '\', so I can see it all. I'm going to hold 'Shift +', so I can see all of the goodness, and you can kind of see, where it is there, "The company is called Veu, V-E-U." So at about 623-ish I'm going to add my Hold Frame, So get it to where you want, make sure the clip is selected, right click, and what we want is the one that says, Insert Hold Frame Segment, "Insert Frame Hold Segment' even. Basically just, yes, cuts it all and spreads it out, and it gives me a chance to put something in there. 

So what I want to do is-- how long does this want to be, I'll leave this-- "Veu, V-E-U." Here I am. "I'll leave a link." So I need this to be a certain amount, I need it to match Hold Frame 02, where I kind of jump in and explain myself, "V-E-U's definitely not a word, V-U-E." It's me explaining my terrible spelling. So what I want to do is I want to put that in here. I'm going to zoom out a little bit. I'm going to see both of them, so basically this, I need my explanation to go this whole bit, and I need the Hold Frame to hang around for this whole part, there we go. 

"called Veu, V-E-U, V-E-U's definitely not a word, V-U-E, it's in there fine, it just kind of gets a little bit mixed up on the way out. I'll leave a link in there." So yeah, like at the beginning there, I want to change it a little bit to make it clear, that I'm kind of like coming back to recording. So I'm going to do my 'Opacity', frame clicked, circle, that's not quite a circle, try and get it close, get it over my head, play with the positioning, keep me in the middle, and I'm going to dim the background. 

So this bit here, the Hold Frame, I'm just going to lower the opacity of it, and what I might do is lower it using keyframes. So right at the beginning of the clip, I'm going to set my Opacity timer, move along a little bit, set another keyframe, lower it down to something like that, just to show that there's a bit of-- "Veu, V-E-U, Veu's def," It's a bit quick, so you can use this, if you can't see these, I prefer using the rubber band on the clips, if you can't see it, it might be that your clip's not tall enough, or right click 'Show Clip Keyframes', remember, it's in here, turn that on, even if it's got a dot next to it, click it again. 

I'm going to do the same thing here, I'm going to add a keyframe, not using this, just a different way. I'll hold the 'Command' key on a Mac, to click it, 'Ctrl' key on a PC, and put two of them in, and kind of get it to come back up again to 100%. "Veu's definitely not a word, Vue is, it's in there fine, it just kind of gets a little bit fixed up on the way out." So dims down nicely, and then it doesn't go back up. I got keyframes. 

You can use this to jump to keyframes. So I'm definitely on that keyframe, it's at 62, which is the darkness, that's working. Let's go to the next one, jump to the next keyframe, which is at 100, you're not working. Why doesn't that work? I can't think of a reason why, is it a glitch? If you're watching this video, and yours is working, let me know in the comments. If you figure out what's wrong with mine, let me know. Hang on, let me think about it. I can't figure it out. Why would you go back up? Well, that stumped me, I'll come back and leave a note when I figure it out, or hopefully one of you guys figures it out. Happens to the best of us, but man, that is confusing. 

Now let's forget that, let's ignore that, and remember that holding a Freeze Frame, was just right clicking and insert a segment. There was another one in there, can be useful for let's say, say it's the end of your YouTube show, and you need something just to extend out, so that you can put graphics over the top, the watch next, maybe it's the credits for something. So I'm going to go to the end of this, and holding 'Shift' to snap to the end, go back one frame using my left arrow, and what I can do is right click the clip anywhere, and use this other option that says--

we've used Add Frame Hold, we'll just create-- let's zoom in a little bit, just, it's created a little chunk that I can extend out, and it just carries on for the entire bit, instead of like trying to separate it out, and having like three parts, like a segment, like we did earlier, this one's just where your cut is, the next part will stay on forever. It doesn't have to be right at the end, you might decide that you want to hold it there. So I'm going to undo that one, let's just do this for, I don't know, just so that you get an understanding of it, and Hold Frame, it'll cut it there, and this Hold Class Frame, you can see, doesn't move, and we can use that for our, putting our credits, or YouTube graphics, or social media, we can just use that. 

Segment is a good chunk in the middle, and the Hold Frame, what is it called, Add Frame Hold, we'll just extend it on forever. Hold Frames, plus a little bit of extras, and mysterious opacity, not going up. We're going to try one thing, Render In and Out. "Last things to cover…" Ready, and it, All right, I give up, you win, Premiere Pro. I will see you in the next video.