Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Introduction to Premiere Pro Advanced training course

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Walter Scott, and I'm an award winning Adobe Certified Instructor, and this is the Premier Pro Advanced course. 

So this course is aimed at people who already know the fundamentals of Premiere Pro. It's for those of you who have your ways of working, but know that there are so many tools, updates, and time saving techniques, that you just haven't had the time to explore yet. If that all sounds familiar, this course is for you. 

We'll start with the best productivity hacks, and all the little known features to super speed your Timeline editing. We'll dive into color management, exploring color grading, color replacement, and skin tone correction. We'll master all the new Lumetri color methods, and harness the power of skips. You'll learn new ways to pull off traditional and new style transitions. You'd become a master at fixing shaky, hand held, and drone footage, and there won't be anything you can't mask or blur. 

We'll get your computer running super speedy, with proxies, scratch disks, and cache management. You'll master high frame rate footage so you can get spectacular slow motion. You'll easily create high quality professional motion graphics, and data driven infographics, and multicam editing will be a breeze. You'll learn amazing ways to clean up your audio, removing hiss, noise, and echo, plus markers, subtitles, plug-ins, and lastly, you'll learn all the tricks and settings to get the most from your rendering, in both Premier Pro and Adobe Media Encoder. 

So those are the highlights of what we cover in the course. We do cover a lot more, check out the contents, and also check out the student reviews. You will see, we cover a lot in this course, and we'll get you from Premiere Pro good to Premiere Pro great. 

In the course you'll use lots of real world practical examples, with exercise files that you can download and play along with me. So if you can't remember the last time you sat down, went through all the features and all the upgrades in Premiere Pro, then this course, for your all in one professional development and upgrade. You owe it to yourself, you really do. 

So sign up and go from good to a Premier Pro super hero. Like a cape, it could be saving edits from evil baddies. You should totally get capes. All right, I'll see you in class, sign up.