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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

How to make Mono audio stereo in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, this video we're going to turn this mono track, you can see it here, it is just hanging around, on the left hand side, we need it to be on the right as well. It's pretty easy, go to your 'Effects', 'Audio Effects', 'Special', 'Fill Right with Left', or 'Fill Left with Right', depending on your track, that's right, I gave you the answer right at the beginning. It's a short video, there's a few other things to think about, but yeah, let's jump in. 

Let's open up a sequence we worked on earlier, it was called Dialogue, we started with this, you might have already noticed, that there was, this original one only has a mono track, I called it Mono, it's all jammed, on the right hand side, left hand side. You can see down here, there's an L and a Right. So to get them onto both channels, let's clear our in and out, happens all the time. 

Another thing to kind of have a look at, is just make sure this is bigger, so you can see your decibel meter here, "All right, so today…" You can see there, it's all bouncing on one channel, it's just an effect, go to 'Effects', Audio, no, 'Audio Effects', it's 'Left and Right'. I can't even remember where it is, just type in "right", and 'Fill Left with Right', or 'Fill Right with Left'. I can never, always do it the wrong way around, so just drag one until it sounds right. - "I'll be showing you…" - Perfect. 

My instant gut feeling is, I want to fill the left with the right, but it's clearly not right, nothing. So I want this one, can you have two on at a time, you can, they cancel each other out, let's delete that one. "Showing you my way of choosing colors…" Perfect, that's it. 

A little bit of extra to play around with is this, is quite echoey as well, my office is reasonably echoey, I've made sure I've got triple glazed windows, those guys there, they're closed at the moment, because it's dark, but I put carpet in to try and do it, and I've got sound boards, and I forget to move them around, they're just big panels I made, that have got soft stuff in them to kind of absorb sound, you can tell, listen. "All right, so today I'll be showing you…" You can hear all the funny stuff going on. 

So I want you to practice with that as well, you don't have to submit that, it's not a class exercise, but it's a good thing, there's a bit of echo in there, there's a bit of humming going on, a bit of noise, so have a play around with. Once you've done your Fill with Right to Left, have a play around with this one. "All right, so today I'll be showing you…" Just try and make it as nice as you can. That's it, easy one, Effects, Audio Effects, Special, Fill Right with Left. All right, next video.