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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Coloring your clips to organize them in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video I'm going to show you what all these colors mean, on our clips and our footage, both in the bin and on the timeline. I'll show you how to take it from this, and customize it like this. Look at all the colors, there's colors going on in here, this color going on over here. It's great for kind of organizing our material, let me show you how. 

What do they mean, why should you bother using them? Instantly, by default they're reasonably useful, you can see that this one here is different from this one. Why are there different colors? This one here, if I click 'F' key on my keyboard, it'll open up in the source monitor. You can see, it has both audio, sorry, video and audio in the original footage. This audio is not very good, but it has it. This one here, if I hit 'F' key, actually click over it and type 'F' key, it'll open it up here, and you can see, there's only video, in this original footage, no original audio. 

You can kind of see it down here, in the thumbnails as well, you can see, this one here only has video, no audio, this has both. So it ends up being this blue color. Audio is green, well audio only is green, and adjustment layers and stills are this kind of magenta pink color. 

Why are they useful? You can make them more useful. So let's say, for you, let's say that we want to start organizing our footage, so that we can visually see it over here. Let's say for instance, we've got some footage that comes in, that needs to be reshot. So let's say this one here, this one you know from feedback, or for yourself, that it's good but you need to find something else, either reshot, or find some more stock footage. So you can just right click it and say, actually, I want you to go to the 'Label', and let's say 'Brown', it's going to be your reshoot color. Just a visual cue to say that needs fixing. So that's kind of handy on its own. 

Another way you can use it, instead of just kind of like marking up an existing clip, you can use it over here, in your project, you can color these to give yourself a visual cue of like what things are. Let's say that we have a mixture of 4K and Full HD footage. Let's bring in some Full HD, let's bring in, I don't know, let's bring all of that in. What you can do is you can mark-- it might be from different cameras, it might be different frames per second. 

Let's say the Ls, I know that, where are we, scooting along, where is it? Video info. So there's a bunch of them that are 1080p, and you can say, actually, all of you guys, regardless of whether you've got audio or not, or just video, I can right click them and say, actually, I'd like you guys to be something strange, 'Mango'. It's quite different So when I add these to my Timeline, I'm editing away, I'm going to add this one to it, it's going to be this mango color. 

So I always know that that is a smaller, obviously, quite obvious as well, but it's a way of just kind of marking them before they come in. It might be frames per second, so you might have a bunch of them. I've only got one, but let's say you have a bunch that are a mixture of 30 and some of them are 23.967, or 76, and you can say, actually I would like you, before you come in I want to mark you all, as something, either stock footage, or needs to be reshot, or has bad audio, needs to be cleaned up, or hasn't been graded yet. 

This one's going to be 'Rose', and now I'm going to add it, and I'll always know that, that rose color for me means 100 frames per second, or whatever your thing is. What you will notice though is, let's say that it's already on the Timeline , let's say-- we know that-- let's again get our frame rates, let's say all our 23 frames per second is going to be this new color. It's going to be yellow. Do you notice, these didn't update even though Tourism A is part of it. It's over here but not over here, that sometimes is useful, so you mark them before you move them in. 

If you want your timeline to update as these update , strangely you need to go to 'File', and go to 'Project Settings', and open up 'General'. It's in the weirdest place, 'Display the project item name and label color for all instances', not just the ones that are to come, all the ones that exist, and now you can say, actually, all of these guys, yellow looks terrible. So I'm going to go and, not use proxy. I'm going to use label, where is it, there it is. I'm going to make you all 'Forest'. I decide that actually reshoot color is going to be--

Remember, 'Premiere Pro', 'Preferences' on a Mac, 'Edit', 'Preferences' on a PC. I'm not going to mention that again, you're like, "We know, PC, Edit, Preferences, Mac, Preferences”, and let's go to 'Labels'. You might decide that actually I'm going to make my own. I'm going to say, actually 10, I'm not going to use 10. I'm going to use this one, reshoot. Oh, look at that. It's going to be the color of black, and that's going to be my-- needs to be really short footage, or find something new. 

You can see all the other defaults in here as well. We talked about the audio and video, is that iris color, which is blue, which matches that one, where is the iris? You can go in here and do this yourself, and change them. I'm not sure why you want to. I love the names though, Caribbean, Iris. I don't even know how to say that, Cerulin, Cyrillin, Swilleen, you're all at home, laughing. I probably know that word if we'll say it right. Let's click 'OK'. 

So now I can go in here and say, actually this one, and that one, so I'm holding 'Shift' to click more than one, that aren't kind of two separate ones, 'Labels', you're going to be my 'Reshoot', where are you? Reshoot, there it is. Now I know for definite these need reshooting. Black's probably not the best color, because I can't read the name. Hey ho, you get the idea. Where I find it most useful is this whole-- need to find something new, something obvious that needs to be redone, and I'm going to do it in the future, and try not to forget. Don't make them black though. 

All right, those are labels, let's get on to the next video. All right, I had to know, and I feel, like as a designer I should know what Cerulean means, I didn't-- there you go, I've expanded my knowledge of color, "Oh Dan, you're a great designer," don't know this word, did you know it? Let me know in the comments, you might make me feel better about myself or worse, I'm prepared for it though. All right, let's get on to the next video.