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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Class project 13 - Sound

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hooray, it's another class project, said no one, ah, that good, I hope so, anyway. In this case I've got a bit of sound I need you to fix, it's in the Exercise Files, under, it's called Rain. The thing with this though is you'd be like, opening up Premiere Pro, go to Essential Sound, you're like, "Where's the rain dragger, there's no rain slider." So I guess that's on purpose, I could give you one where you could drag a slider, and it would be easy. This one here is a bit of a curveball, so this particular-- let's have a little listen, "All right, hands up." 

You'll have to listen to it in your Exercise Files, I left a chunk at the beginning there, you could hear the rain, like it was just a really rainy day, and you can see, the shape of my office, basically, there's a slope on this other side, with a bunch of windows, so the rain just pelts against it. So when I'm recording, it's pain in the bum. I want you to work through Essential Sounds, what you've learned so far, play with them, test them and try and get rid of that rain noise. 

You can use the ones that we've done in this course, or if you want to use other audio effects, you can do some research online, to see how to get rid of rain in Premiere Pro, this is up to you, how you actually do it, I don't mind which way you would do it. You can do it with the Essential Sounds panel, I've done it before. 

The one thing to do though is, have two versions on your sequence, this is what I mean, so have a version that hasn't been touched, an original, and this one here, that you work on to be fixed, because when you export them out and submit them, it'd be great to hear the before and after, so one that's fixed, one that's not. Also add text so that when other people are looking at it, and if you share it, you've got kind of one that shows, indicates that it's original, and the other one that shows if it's fixed. 

Also what you might do is, I've given you a bit more extra dialogue, so that you can work with it, but you might actually trim it up to be just like, about the there-ish, maybe the W key, just so that it's not-- people aren't spending ages listening, "All right, hands up." 

So good luck, submit it, anything else, actually-- You can use your own file, I've given you rain because it's hard to find, you might not have bad audio, but if you've got bad audio, I'd rather you use that, it doesn't have to be the rain, practice with the rain, definitely, but definitely, if you've got your own stuff, we'd love to see it, practice with it. 

The other last thing is, let us know in the comments which techniques you found the most useful. This is going to be really useful for everybody, so if you are submitting this, check to see what other people have done. Let's check out if there's any comments, see what other people have done, what worked for them. Do it yourself first, and then go and check the comments, what other people have done, you'll be like, "Oh wow, I didn't realize that," and go and try it and discover new things, especially if you've used something out of the scope of this course. 

Same thing, render it, upload it, share it on social media as well, be great to see how good or goodish you get it. All right, go forth, remove the rain.