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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Has my footage been used already on my timeline in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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The question this video is going to answer is like, "Have I used this B-roll in the Timeline somewhere?" If I have, can you show me where, please, Premiere Pro. 

All right, so there's two ways, both of them are a little weird, because, what I tend to do, well, I need to write this down, because every time I look in the wrong place, because you'd be like, "All right, just click in here, right click, say," 'Reveal in Sequence'. It's showing me in my Finder, why can't it show me on my Sequence? It knows, but it's not in there, if that's where you're looking. 

The first weird way is using the icons. Let's down the bottom here-- I'm on List view, that's just a personal preference, you might already be on Icon view. When you're on Icon view, what you'll notice, or may have noticed-- I'm going to go to full screen, remember, the Tilde, '~' key on your keyboard, to make that panel nice and big. 

Can you see, some of them either have gray stuff, because they have audio, and haven't been used, or nothing at all, so this one here, no icons. It's because, see this little blue thing, that means it's being used on my Timeline. See it there. So I know that's being used, that might be enough. You might be like, "Oh yeah, being used," don't try and pin at the tied about, know the timed about B-roll on there, you've already got one. 

If you want to actually find it, let's go back to, I think, Tilde again. Let's find one of them, let's say this one here, because I got two tilt ups, I'm like, "Which one do I use?" Clearly this one, easy, it's being used one time even. If you click on it, it will actually tell you the time code. If you use it more than once, it will have a couple of options here, you just click on it, look. Takes you straight to there, in your Timeline. That's probably the easiest way to do it. 

If you want to be-- it's a different way of doing it in List view. So in List view, what you can do is-- I'm going to go full screen again. Remember, the Tilde key, you've got all this Metadata along the top. So we've kind of talked about adding more, let's add another one. 

So I'm going to right click, 'Metadata Display'. Go, and in here, you can never find them in the search, you got to type them in. Hah, I couldn't find it, was typing in "used," it's "usage," you can see here, I want to turn on video and audio usage. It's under the Meta-- if you can't remember either, it's under this first one. Can never seem to remember which kind of folder these are all added to. Let's click 'OK'. 

You'll see, all the way down here, where is it, did you know, I'm using my scroll wheel, you can use the slider down here. Is this a tip, I hold Shift, and use my slider wheel, like my scroll wheel to go back and forth this giant list. Where is it? There it is there. So I'm going to drag these along, because, maybe I want them. It's more important for me to know where they've been used, maybe in this instance, maybe you're tidying up, or you don't B-roll, you can slide them along, hit my Tilde, '~' key, you can see, where is them, you can see, this guy's been used four times. 

So you can tell all the different-- you can see all the different times there. Here you go. I use mainly the Thumbnail version of that, but you can obviously use this List version. Remember the word usage, okay. We're going to do this later on, but, hey, I'll throw it in here, you can save a view preset of like, all of this stuff, of like where your Frame rates are, where this kind of organization of these columns. You might use this 'Video Usage' all the way up here. So it remembers every time that you work on a new project. All right, that is how to find if something's being used in your sequence already.