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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Relinking Proxies in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, this video we are going to look at what happens if you lose your proxies. You probably didn't lose them, you probably just inherited a project from somebody else, or from an old computer, and it can't find the proxies, and there's lots of them, and they're going to take ages to remake. So we just want to re-link them, it's super easy. 

Right click one of them, you can see this proxy is offline, I can go to 'Proxy', and go to 'Attach Proxies'. There are a few other quirks that I'm going to go through in this video. You'll see it's not terribly long so stick around, but that's the quick way. 

All right, let's get in there. Let's start with relinking proxies. This happens when somebody sends you a file, you inherit a project, and you've got the proxies, but Premiere Pro doesn't know where they are, so you'll know they're missing for a couple of ways, you'll open it up and say, I'm mixing these files called _proxy, and you can go and find them now. That's probably the easiest way, but we know how to do that.

 Let's go to 'Offline All', and let's look in here. Now let's do it within the program here, and how do I know my proxies are actually gone, because they're reloading fine. It's because my actual raw footage is connected just fine, but my proxies aren't. I know they're not connected, because A, it told me when they opened them up, and also over here, if I turn this on and off, it's not showing me a different size or a different quality, and in this case, actually I turned that watermarked proxy on, so it's very obvious. 

So the other thing is, is that down the end here, of my little program window, you can see, I turned, remember we turned on proxy in the last video, maybe you can right click any of these titles here, of the columns, go to 'Metadata', and type in 'Proxy' to turn that on, tick on, scrub to the end, you can see they're all offline. Select them all, right click them, and this is where it gets a little weird. Go to 'Proxy', 'Attach Proxies', because they're missing. We can pick the first one, which is 'Tourism A', but it's not looking for the _proxy now. It is, but it's not saying. This might change in the future. 

So click 'Attach', and I don't want-- I want to find the proxy, I know where they are, I found them, find them on my hard drive, and I moved them. I know they're on my Desktop, under Proxies, and I'm looking for this one here, Tourism A_Proxy. That was the one that was missing, click 'OK'. It's found them all automatically, and hey, look, they're all attached, and I can tell they're attached, because the word proxy's up the top there. Toggles on and off. 

All right, mission complete, proxies are reattached, that's it. I'll see you in the next video.