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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Class Project 03 - Curves

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, it's class project time. Now ideally I'd love you to use curves to correct your own video, something else that you've got, something on your hard drive, taken on your phone. I'd love you for you to use that instead, but if you don't have anything you can use the file that I've got. It's called Color Correction B, thank you, Tima. Where is it, looks like this. 

Needs a little bit of, well, it doesn't need anything, but like, we're going to use curves to, quote unquote, "make it better." So I want you to practice with it, and I'd like you to take a screenshot of the before and after, and post that in the Assignments or the Projects section, depending on where you're watching this. I want you to then also share it on social media, the before and after, but again, I'd love to see your own work done, before and after, that would be cool, but if you don't, use Tima's one. All right, on to the next video.