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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

How to save sequence presets for social media

Daniel Walter Scott

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Imagine in the future, when you open up Premiere Pro, and you're doing social media work, and you enter 'New', 'Sequence', look, there's social media formats. Why aren't they in there at Premiere Pro? We're going to create our own ones, some vertical ones, some square ones, create them as presets, so we don't have to make them every single time. All right, let's jump in. 

To get started close down the project you're working on, create a new one, and we're going to start by creating our sequences. So you could either add this little new item down here in our project window, we haven't been doing it much, but that's another way of doing it, 'Command N', and what we need to do is, start with something close to social media. I don't know why there's no presets in here for social media, for, I don't know, I guess they update all the time, but there's all sorts of weird stuff in here. Why can't we have some Instagram stories? 

So we're going to start with Digital SLR, this 1080p 25 frames per second. You always need to go and check what the different social medias are using, in terms of their height versus width versus frame rate, optimal audio, figure out what those are, but basically, at the moment, everyone's chasing each other around with this, just grabbing HD and flipping it on its side. 

So once you get to here, to actually save it, you can see, you can delete a preset, but get to here, you've got to go do some changes to it. So in here we are going to change this over, so we're going to make it vertical, so 1080x1920. 

Other things you might change in here, have a little look through. Tracks here, for me, three tracks for social media stuff never is enough, there's always lots of things piled on top of each other, stickers and images, and logos, and social media stuff. So I'm going to have six video tracks, and actually I'm going to only have two audio tracks. So click on it, hit minus, ' - '. So this is the just the default for the sequence, you can obviously add more later on, but that's going to get me started, for most of my social media projects. 

Now I'm going to hit 'Save Settings', and I'm going to call this one "Social Vertical", because at the moment, recording, I think, TikTok, Instagram stories, YouTube stories, what else? Facebook's fleets and Facebook stories all use the same, kind of horizontal phone format. Let's click 'OK'. I've already got one because I've recorded this video already, and it didn't go well, so we're doing it again, let's click 'OK'. You'll find it eventually down the bottom here, under one called Custom, cool. 

So I can from now on go 'File', 'New', and I'll have this one called Horizontal Vertical, let's click 'OK'. there it is, ready to go with all my video tracks, my couple of audio tracks, and we won't do them for all of them, but now you can go through and say, 'New Sequence', and you can go from here, or you could do the rest of the ones, that you work on, on a regular basis. So you could be doing, like, 1080x1080 is a really common kind of square format, for Instagram. There's all sorts of different aspect ratios, kind of, the 4x5, there's all sorts of weird ones, but go figure out what you need to create, and create all your sequences and just save them, and give them good names, like this one here, might be great to be, "Social Square 1080x1080', probably writing the measurement in there, is probably good as well, and the frames per second, just so you know. 

There we go, we got another one. Actually, I'm going to do one more, I want the horizontal one but with my fancy layering, so let's do one more together, let's find under, Digital DSLR, this is just a good generic one here. Here, you, the only thing I'm going to change are the tracks. I'm going to go back to my 6, and I'm going to, you, minus 1, 'Save'. "Social Horizontal", ready to go. 

So create these ones because we're going to do some fancy stuff in the next video. So create the vertical one and the horizontal one, don't have to worry about the square one for this course, more of an example. So I've got both of these going, and let's name one, let's call this one, "Fitness Horizontal," wow, doing badly, and this one here, "Fitness Vertical," and actually just before we go, it's actually worth mentioning again, that when you, you know, to actually find and make a new sequence, you've got to go to New Sequence, and you can't do it here, got to do it over here, Save Presets, only appear on these two, like tabs along the top here. 

All right, that is going to be it, I will see you in the next video.