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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Zooming all the way in aka Zoom to frame in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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In this video I'm going to show you how to zoom all the way in, boom, into the Timeline here, and then all the way back out again. Spoiler alert, there is no actual zoom all the way in shortcut, so we're going to create one. I think it's worth bothering making, let me show you how. 

You probably know a few of the shortcuts, '+', just to zoom in, right? and if you want to get all the way back out, it is backslash, '\' on your keyboard, shows you the entire sequence, but there's no way of zooming right in. You have to do this ' + ', '+ ', ' + ', '+ ', that gets you in, and you can start seeing per frame. I like getting in that close, it needs to do with sound, but that's okay, a complete zoom in would be handy, there isn't one, there isn't a shortcut, but we can make one, super quick, super easy, on a Mac it's under 'Premiere Pro', go to 'Keyboard Shortcuts', and on a PC, remember, it's under 'Edit', 'Keyboard shortcuts', and the term we want is something called Zoom to Frame. So type it in the search, it's going to say, here it is, there's no shortcut, and if '\' is the zoom out to the entire sequence, what I'm going to do is click in here, and go 'Option' on my Mac, and hit '\', or if you're on a PC hold down the 'Alt' key and hit '\'. It's not being used by anything else, which is good for me. So I'm going to click 'OK'. 

So now backslash, '\' all the way out, 'Option \', all the way in, hey, instead of zoom, zoom, zoom, All right, it's kind of a trick that we had to make up ourselves, but I find really handy. This won't be in the shortcut sheet because we made it up. You can make it anything you like, so just make a mental note if you did make that change. All right, next Timeline trick.