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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Keyframes & Easing in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to do this kind of Easing here, I'm going to introduce, some of the slightly more complicated Keyframing in Premiere Pro, but yeah, let's jump in and make the Home Office slide in. 

So to get our cool little swipey anything, first is, we need another Essential Graphic, so in the last video we've, well, the last couple of videos, we made an Essential Graphics that we had, remember our background color on, then we had this layer here that has our mask on it, now I want text on the top. 

So I'm going to do another Essential Graphics, a bit of text, so I have nothing selected, I'm in my Timeline, I'm going to say 'New Text', and I'm going to make it centered. I'm going to play with the position, not that way, down that way, kind of getting it there, I'm going to double click it and I'm going to say, what is it? 'Home Office'. 

You'll notice that I already have the right size, if you don't, you probably don't, select it all, drag this left and right until you get the right size. I've added a Fill and a Drop Shadow, why is mine already done? It's because I've already done this video twice, believe it or not, that's why, I don't know, I seem a bit over it in this video. It's because I am-- I've recorded the first one with the microphone off, which is like, "Oh okay," then I got it set up again, did the whole thing again, and I used the wrong microphone, was the one with my webcam, it was bad, but we're going to do it now, positivity, let's do it. 

So we've got our text, I'm going to go back to my Selection tool, I'm going to kind of line it up, and let's start looking at Easing and our Keyframing, The reason this video exists is, later on, very soon we're going to start getting into some deep Essential Graphics stuff, and we need to understand a few things to make it easier. 

So the first thing I want to do is, let's go to the front of my clip here, depending on how you've got your setup, I'm going to go hold 'Shift', so it snaps to the front, and what I want to do is, I want to show you two different places to put your Position Keyframes, because I want it to start off here and come on in. There's a couple of ways that you could get caught out, so there is, over here, you can see my Vector Motion, there is the Position here, there's also one under Video Motion, which we don't want to touch when we're dealing with graphics. 

So we want to use this one here unless, look, there's another one in here called, where is it, Position, so there's a few of them. The reason we have two is, let's say that I've got this bit of text here, I want a second bit of text, let's add a second bit of text for, for no real good reason, just, I don't need it for this case, but I want to show you what happens because-- let's say that-- we're going to add Keyframes, we're going to do it down here in the Timeline, like I like to do. So I'm going to zoom in, let's make this particular track nice and big, and let's change this to show our position. 

So let's right click it, let's go to 'Show Clip Keyframes', and this is where it gets confusing. I've got Vector Motion, Position, Motion, Position, I've got Text (HOME OFFICE), Position, there's a lot of them. So in this case I want Vector Motion Position, why? Because I don't have two separate text layers, so I'm just going to do the overall, wouldn't matter actually if I use this one or this one. You only start working with this one, if you want to animate this separately. 

So you want the text to come on at different times, that's where it gets a little confusing. So what I want to do is turn on 'Vector Motion', 'Position', I want to delete that Text Layer. Now this is where a combo deal of both this one and this one comes into play, because adding Keyframes down here on the Timeline, it's really great for Easing, but it's not great for adding Keyframes, for some reason, this is, this is not me, it's Premiere. 

So what I do is I make sure I'm in the beginning of my clip, I say, 'Position', please, put a 'Keyframe' in, and I want it to start off screen. You can see, whether you drag this one or that one, a weird little shortcut, another shortcut, is you don't have to set the Keyframe here, you can do it by clicking this button, it adds a Keyframe. I know, it's the same thing, it's the advanced class, you learn these things. 

So I'm going to start it off screen, and also if you hold Shift while you're dragging these, it'll go a bit faster, so I want it off screen like that, and then after some time, maybe that much time, I'm going to bring it back on screen, holding "Shift' again to drag it. So I've got two keyframes, and this is where-- adding those Keyframes there is weird, but the Easing gets a whole lot easier down here, easy Easing. So I'm going to zoom in down here, if you can't see these little-- if I click on this point here you should be able to see these little handles, if you can't, right click it and say, 'Bezier', and you'll get this, like handle that pops out. 

Now this is where-- Easing can be a little funny, so watch this, I can drag it up and down, you're like, "What is that doing?" Yeah, it's hard to know, you can drag it up and down, left and right, what you're looking for is-- keep dragging it around until, this is what I'm looking for. 

So imagine this is the speed of this transition that moves-- here we go, that's a big jump, zoom in, oh, getting lost, happens to the best of us. So this is it moving in, now what ends up happening is, if that is really steep, so if I get it down here, watch this, up and down, I want it down, in and out, so steep. Actually, let's not do steep, let's do flat, sorry. The steeper it is the faster it's moving, the less steep it is, it's going really slow, and I like the way that this often looks, that sort of graph there. 

So slow, slow, slow, go fast in the middle, and then slow, slow, slow again. Let's give it a go, you see that, what do you think of that? 'Shift K', I might say my in and out point, so that's the in for the 'I' key, and then 'O' on my keyboard for the out key, hit 'Enter'. Just kind of, make sure the loop's on, and then just kind of watch it, what do I think of that? 

There's a weird little thing at the end there, let's have a little look. There's a little drop there, click on that Keyframe, at the top is the best way to get it engaged. Oh, why is it painful? I want to grab you, no, I don't, want to grab you and drag you down, can you see, so it's nice and flat into there, without that ridge. Let's give it a go, that's better. So there is a bit of this, and, you know, using the Effect Controls, when it comes to really customizing, and down here, and now that we know there's a couple of different positions, we shouldn't get too lost later on. 

The other nice thing is, is that once you've spent some time on something like this, with the Easing, you can save it, or copy and paste it. Let's say I select this, I copy them just like, I'm using 'Edit', 'Copy', that one there, I'm using 'Command C' on my Mac, 'Ctrl C' on a PC. Let's say that on another sequence, let's make a new sequence, and let's add a bit of text, make it centered, I can go to my 'Position', you got to click on it, you've got to turn the Keyframe on, and then paste, can you see, it brought the Keyframes along. 

So turn the-- click on 'Position', turn the little keyframe, little 'Toggle Animation' stopwatch on, and you can copy and paste them from one project to another. If you are like, you want to use them more than that, you can grab them, actually no, you click on 'Vector Motion' and 'Position', to get more than one thing, you want both of these, hold down the 'Command' key to get both of them, on a Mac, 'Ctrl' key on a PC, then I can right click any of them, 'Save Preset', let's call this one 'Amazing Easing', click 'OK', and then you can go to another project, another sequence. 

I'm just going to make something else, nope, let's go make something new. So there's nothing on it, it doesn't do anything, let's enter it to get started. I can find it in my presets, on a different project, I can say, where is super amazing Easing, just dump it on, and watch this, hey, came along for the ride. That is the third rendition of the Keyframe and Easing, slightly more advanced, clarifying a few little bits, all in Premiere Pro, on to the next video.