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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

PIP Picture in Picture effect in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video I'm going to show you how to do Picture-in-Picture. We're going to turn a nice big video into a small picture-in-picture, down the bottom right hand corner, and then we're going to turn it into a circle, version of the same thing, and then if you're really lucky, wait for it. "Hi everyone…" It'll spin in, we'll also show you how to set it as a preset, so once you get it sweet, like spinning in like that, you can save it, to be used over and over again in the future, let's jump in. 

All right, to get started let's bring in a video, 'Command I', 'Ctrl I' on a PC, under your 'Fixing' folder, let's bring in 'PIP 01'. PIP is picture-in-picture, like you saw at the beginning. Let's make a sequence from it, and what I want to do is, while this is playing I want my head to talk down here. We're going to use Morph Cut 01, don't use the sequence, use the mp4. So 'Morph Cut 01', let's just dump it on top, let's trim it down to the right size, so just laying over the top, so you can play around with, there's nothing wrong with playing around with the scale and the motion, and getting in the right place, that's totally fine. 

There is a shortcut way of doing it, under your Effects, it's not really under Effects, it's under Presets, you will find something in there called PIPs, picture-in-picture. Somebody's done all that sort of stuff for you, it's the 25%, so it's going to shrink this down by 25%, which is pretty appropriate for a little talking over the head picture-in-picture, and you've got these ones here, you go lower left, lower right, motion, lower, upper left, upper right. So I want mine down the bottom right, so lower right. So go in here, let's start with this first one, and all you do is drag it on to that top clip there. Voila, it's perfect, except it's in the wrong place.

So you could just type in 75, and adjust this position as you want. One thing that I like to do, well actually, let's just play it through. "Hi everyone, my name is Daniel…" Picture-in-picture. Let's have a look at some of these other ones, some of these other ones, I don't know, so scale down from Full, you can replace them over the top, by just dragging them on top of the old one. You can see, this one does a little bit of a scale. "Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Walter Scott…" which is way too slow. 

So over here, with my clip selected, under Motion you'll see some keyframes. I can grab these ones and actually just move them along this way, so I just kind of drag a box around those two and drag them, so that's a lot quicker. "Hi everyone, my name…” and also it needs some easing. So I'm going to select these last two, and you want these to ease in to those keyframes. So we're going into them, let's have a look. "Hi everyone…" Slow at the end, and this one here, is going to be easing out of those first keyframes. So ease out of these first ones into these last ones. "Hi everyone…" it's a bit prettier. Let's get our position right. 

There's other ones in here, they don't get any better, they get worse. Let's have a look at spin in-- have a look at this, you ready, steady, "Hi everyone, my name is Dan…" So there's lots of different presets down here. What you'll probably find, like me, is you want it to be in a circle, you don't have to have in a circle, but I'm going to show you, if you did want it in the circle. So I'm going to, yeah, I can spin in, it's Opacity mask, Ellipse, and then be frustrated why it's not circular; it's an oval, and that's just Premiere Pro, it uses the, like the height and width of the actual video itself, that's why it's this weird squished, and I can't figure out. Let me know in the notes if you do find a way of like, doing it perfectly circular. 

So just kind of get it close, that nobody's going to notice, and to expand it, it's really hard to drag the dots, it's a lot easier just to use this Mask Expansion. I want to get it so I can't see the top there, and that's going to be my, like little, picture-in-picture, ready for spinning. "Hi everyone, my name is…" So you might want to get rid of the spin, so let's get rid of it, let's go for lower right. So hopefully now, just, "Hi everyone…" I'm going to get my position perfect, I'm going to set it as a preset, because once you've spent some time, getting it how you want it, the size you want, the position you want, the animation you want…

 "Hi everyone…" what we can do is, make it a reusable preset like these, that's the whole meaning of these, like preset options. So, to say something is a preset-- we'll cover it again when we get into Effects, but hey, let's do it twice. What you do is you click on the thing, I want all the motion to be part of this preset, but I also want the opacity. If you haven't done like the circular thing, like we just did, you don't need Opacity, but click both of them, hold 'Command' key down on a Mac, 'Ctrl' key on PC, I want all the motion and all the opacity. 

You can go through and be very specific, say you want just Motion Scale, you got to click 'Desktop', but you also want just those two, you can ignore the rest of it if you want it to be tidier, or there's bits in here you don't want to bring along. In my case, everything from Motion, and everything from Opacity is fine. so 'Ctrl' click on a Mac to select them both, no 'Ctrl' click on a PC to select them both, or hold 'Command' key down to select both of them, right click them, Save Preset, this is going to be my Bring Your Own Laptop PIP, picture-in-picture, and yeah, that's going to be my one. 

I could be more descriptive, but hey, there it is there. So if you can't find it, you can either type it in there, type 'byol', that's my company, Bring Your Own Laptop, and let's say we bring in Morph 02. I don't have Morph 02, let's bring in another bit of footage, you don't have to. I'm just going to bring it in from, remember my, where was it from? It was from Transitions Morph 02, Morph Cut 02, bring that in, I'm going to add that to the Timeline. I'll show you two different ways, I'll copy both of these. So obviously my preset is obviously the best way, because I can go to my Effects and go to Preset, and just dump it on, and hey presto, my kind of lower right picture-in-picture. 

You can, instead of creating a preset, you can just copy and paste parts. So let's say I have a preset and I don't want to, you can click this, and, make sure you've got the clip selected, that you want to steal the properties from, 'Edit', 'Copy', go to the one that you want to apply them to, and go to 'Edit', 'Paste', just a simpler way, nope, don't hit Paste, hit 'Paste Attributes', and decide what you want it to come across. In this case there's no effects because it's not an effect, it's, we looked at it before, it's something to do with motion. So I want to bring in the Motion Effects, nothing else. Oh, I want opacity as well, because I want the little circle. Same way as doing a preset, but just more of a copy and paste, attributes way. 

All right, so that is it for picture-in-picture, I hope the other little magical takeaway, that you might have discovered there, is the setting your own preset. Now we're doing it for picture-in-picture, it can be for any sort of animation. Select it here, holding the 'Command' key on a Mac, 'Ctrl' key on a PC, and deciding what you want, turn into a preset, and right click it, set as a preset, and you'll have it down here forever. All right, that's it, I'll see you in the next video.