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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Class Project 09 - Morph Cut

Daniel Walter Scott

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Okay, I've got a class project for you to work with. I've given you a file called Morph Cut 3, to kind of start your practice with, but if you do have your own dialogue footage, I want you to experiment with that and share it. If you don't, you can just use Morph Cut 3.

So Morph Cut 3, especially there's a bit where she's being-- she's answering the question, and then she gets to a point, she finishes, and then there's the interviewee asks a question. It's bad audio, it's not meant to be part of the dialogue all the way along, to when she starts talking again, can you see? About there, again, so I want you to cut that big chunk out, so it goes from when she finishes, and basically doesn't break, you know, break stride, break breath. I don't know what I meant to say there, but you know. 

It flows on from here straight into this part here, missing this little bit. So you can get the morph cut here. I've given you one that kind of works, to see whether you can experiment with yourself. I want you to experiment with a couple of things. I want you to experiment with the cuts, where you do it, to see if that, you know, how much of an effect that makes, versus how long the transition is. 

Go long, go short, just so you get a bit of a feel for that Morph Cut. I'd love to hear, especially if you're working on your own footage, I want to hear about your experience with the effect, like how you might have found the best results, like it works in this case, but didn't work on this, and that's-- and share it with everyone, so that we can all get a little bit better at Morph Cut. 

So render your video and upload it to our Assignments or Projects, and also share on social media. All right, that is the class project, Morph Cut, I'll see you in the next video.