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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Master or Source Clip Effect in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, in this video we are going to learn about something that sounds boring. It's called Source Clip Effects, but it can do pretty astonishing amazing things. I have got to a point in this edit here, where I've cut this particular clip up a bunch of times, in between other shots, and somebody said, "Actually, can you go back and adjust this one?," you're like, "Sure, I can adjust this shot," but I've used it so many times across, actually a couple of different sequences. 

I'm going to have to copy and paste the effects on to all the different ones. Actually, there's a trick, I can go to my Master Clip effects, dump something random on here, for example, and watch, it updates every use case of it. So it's like updating the parent, that's why it's called the Source Effects. Let me show you how to update that source. 

First things first, is you don't have this kind of, like sequence, all cut up for you, this is just a for instance I quickly threw together, and you'll see why you can apply it to any clip anywhere. I'm just giving you a good for instance, because, let's say we've got to a job, and we've got, like our interview, we've got different shots, we've got a close-up, we've got a mid-shot, and it kind of cycles between these two, and we've done a lot of work to them, and it comes back, and we're like, "Actually, can you change this thing,?" and let's say that, for instance, this clip needs to be--

I'm going to do something, I'm going to exaggerate, it needs to be less exposed. So I've done that, but then I'm going to copy and paste it on to this one, so you can select it, go to 'Edit', 'Copy Effects', you've probably done this a million times, and it's a pain, 'Edit', 'Paste Attributes', no, no, no, no, no, no, I just want the Lumetri effects to come across, and then it's the same, and if you've done that 100 times or 10 times, whatever it is, it's a big pain. 

So I'm going to undo that, go back to this one, so we're back to normal now. So the way to get around that, is to do it to the original, it's called the Source, what used to be called the Master. Think of it as the parent, giving it all sorts of names. So you can update that original parent, or the source file, or the master file, whatever you want to call it, and it will spill through all your edits. I've done it for both this sequence, plus I've got another sequence in here, that's a shorter version. It's got like more of a commercial cut down short feel, but it's using that same interview. 

So I'd like it to both, not just do it for this first clip, not just this first sequence but all the sequences. Really good if you're doing maybe social media, and you've got lots of them across all sorts of different sequences. Just go and show us, Dan, quit hyping it up. Well, what you do is, if I've got the clip selected, I'm working on the child, or the instance of that original. 

To open up the original original, you can kind of see it up here, you see, I've got it selected, what's this thing? I'm in my Effect Controls, by the way, if you can't see it, go to 'Window', 'Effect Controls', and you've always got this thing, and you might have accidentally stumbled in here, and eventually found your way out. So basically this is the instance, this is the original, there's nothing in here, it doesn't look very fancy, but what I can do is, if I'm clicked on to this tab, and then make adjustments, let's do something crazy again, let's go over Magenta, can you see there, it applied, and it applied like we thought it might. 

The difference is, because it's on the Master and not just here, watch what happens. So back to that other shot, but then, see, I've reused that clip a couple of times, let's go to the other sequence. Oh, it's all in here too. Cool. It comes with a few caveats, there is a problem, if I'm later on working on it, or you send it off to somebody else, that isn't as awesome at Premiere Pro, as you are, you can be in here, clicking on this one, and you're like, I'm going to get rid of purple, and you're looking over here for your Lumetri effects, where the hang is it? It's not there, it's on the Master, how do you know it's on the Master? Mostly you need to like magically know, there is a little, can you see, there's a little F under the Effects, remember how it changed color before, it didn't, get a little red line underneath it, that's all they give you, that's a, hey, there is a Master, well, they call them Source effects now, up until recently Premiere Pro called them Master effects. 

So you will find tutorials online, talking about the Master clip effects, it's now called the Source Clip effects, exactly the same thing. A lot of people will call them child and parent, this is the parent, and here, nope, that is the child, this is the parent, and only that little red line there kind of indicates that it's there. So that is it, you can apply it to the source file, and it will spill through all your use cases. 

Really handy if you've already used it all in the Timeline, you can apply multiple effects, and that brings me to my next point, which is how do you apply them, like Lumetri is easy, because you had that kind of tab selected, and you started dragging. So the way to do it is, one of two ways, have this tab selected, and let's say I want to apply effect, and why you want to apply some random effect, you want to apply some sort of-- we're going to use lighting effects. 

You can drag it in here and it applies. Let's say that we don't want to do it that way, you can add it to the actual Source monitor. So our Source monitor is kind of tied up, up here, there it is there. So if I add this to the source rather than to the program, or down here, watch what happens. It adds to this, my source, it spills over on to my-- where I've used it in the sequence, but if I go to my Effect Controls, you can see, that's the one you normally end up at. There's nothing there, but my Source used to be known as Master, has all of these things applied. 

All right, that is Source Clip effects. I'll see you in the next video.