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Adobe Premiere Pro - Advanced Training

Production Video - Making our Social Ad

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video we're going to construct the social media ad, the horizontal. I call it a production video because there are a lot of techniques in here, we've covered before in kind of like separate places. This is a good video where we kind of combine them all, and are able to kind of reconnect and deconstruct, some of that stuff we learned a long, long time ago. There's some really good stuff in here, so yeah, let's jump in and make this ad. 

Let's close down the vertical sequence, at the moment, just have horizontal, we're going to kind of start horizontal, and then kind of do the work, and then flip it up. So let's bring in a couple of videos, so double click in this no man's land, let's go to your 'Exercise Files', there's one called 'Social', and bring in 'Fitness 1, 2, and 3', and bring in 'Logo - Average Dans'. Don't you just love Premiere Pro, like defaulting to frame rate, weird. Click on the word 'Name', and it will be in alpha numeric, kind of how I like it. 

It does default to all sorts of weird things along the top here. So what we want to do is bring in 'Fitness 01', and onto our horizontal. It should be the same settings, it shouldn't come up with a warning, saying, "Hey, you need to change them," if it does, just keep the sequence as is. I'm going to hit my backslash key, '\', so I can see the whole thing. Actually, I'm going to zoom out one more because what I need to do now, is actually make this longer, it's got to be at 15 seconds, it needs to be 15 seconds. So I've got nothing selected down here, I'm going to click in here and type "1500", 15 seconds and 0 frames, I'm going to hit 'M' for my marker. 

If you have this selected it ends up adding a marker, potentially to the clip. So I want it to the actual sequence, and that's going to be my, like can't go past this because that's as long as it needs to be. So I need to make this longer, so again we're kind of going through a bunch of those tools, we've done before, in a more practical use, and it was ages ago that you did some of this stuff, so it's a good recap. So I want to stretch this out, the easiest way is the Rate Stretch tool, is the R tool on your keyboard, it's bundled in with this, Ripple Edit, Rolling Edit, Right Stretch, and it's just going to change the timing, and it should snap to this, if not, hold 'Shift' when you're dragging it and it will snap. 

It gets a bit jumpy, it's slow-mo already, which is cool, but we've made it more slow-mo and it's a bit jittery. Who remembers how I go and change that to be a bit smoother? Imagine if it was a bit more optical flowy, do you remember, you don't, do you? Right click it and go to 'Speed/Duration', or you could just type it in there, rather than doing this whole marker business, and in here, Frame Sampling, change it to 'Optical Flow', depending on your clip, you might have to play around with these ones, but I've done this already, it looks good, Optical Flow, even with that up being rendered, you can see, it's red, still looks pretty nice, and I've already rendered it. You can, remember, 'Enter' on your keyboard, it'll render it out, but I don't have time, I'm a busy man, and it already looks pretty good. 

We're going to add those graphics, like you saw at the beginning there, I'm going to go to my 'Essential Graphics' panel, we're going to go to 'Adobe Stock', go to 'Free', there's more and more good stuff going in here. I'm going to type at the top here, 'Social', hit 'Enter', and there's lots of all that sort of stuff, you know all that stuff. I want to find on the second page here, yours might not be, and you could do a different one, it's totally fine, but if you're playing around with this tutorial, find this one called Modern Quotes, you can search for it up here, under 'Free', and hit the little downloading button, or just click and drag it onto your sequence. If it's downloading, it'll take a little bit of time, to actually get there, let's have a little look. 

You might not have the right fonts for that at the moment, but look at that, nice little animation, clean. You might have terrible fonts at the moment, but what I want to do is I need to make it 15 seconds, and I'm going to drag it out, and we're going to be amazed, look, it got longer, and the animation's at the end. It's a pop quiz, who remembers what technique made that happen? Whoever made this for Adobe Stock free, use that technique that we learned earlier on, to make this adjustability thing really good, remember what it was, you don't? It was called Responsive Time, you remember, remember, we clicked on these, and you see these little things on the edge here, maybe these were kind of like dragged out and dragged in. 

So they've already put their keyframes in there, and done some nice easing, but they drag these out. So that means that we can adjust it, if they don't, and you find one in Essential Graphics that doesn't, you know, adjust, you can just drag them out yourself, it's not hard but it's nice when somebody's considered all of that, and we know that we can do it. 

In terms of fonts, if you don't have this one, I think it's Open Sans, it's a really common font these days, we haven't covered it much in this course because we did it in Essentials, but if you go to 'Text' and go to 'Add Adobe Fonts', if you've got a paid license, or maybe click the little icon at the end here, it'll load up this site, and, not free, you're paying for them, part of your subscription, but there's a bunch of fonts in here you can go and do. So in here you can type in "Open Sans", and it's one of the ones here, and you just hit 'Activate' or go into it, this one here has a couple, All Active Fonts, I'll turn it off. There is Open Sans and Open Sans Condensed, and if-- you've got to make sure that, your Creative Cloud app is open on your computer, otherwise the fonts won't load, but they'll magically just load on your computer, there they are, look, activating. 

I often close down the Creative Cloud app, I'm scared it's chewing up horsepower out of my computer, so I have to open it up when I'm doing fonts, but anyway there's piles of great fonts here, a little side note there, so back to Premiere Pro, because I turned them off, they've gone to some other font, I want my Open Sans, extra bold, that was nice. Saving project, active, they're all active now, there it is, let's come back nice. 

All right, in this we're going to change a bit of the text, we're going to change that, "I don't sweat," I sparkle." how good is that? I sweat, I sweat like a maniac, there's nothing sparkly about me, I sweat and I stink, but she looks like she might sparkle. 

All right, in here they've got another set of text down the bottom here, I'm just going to turn that off, I might leave it on there in case I need it for something else, and I want to deconstruct this as well, because we've done these things ourselves before, but it's nice to see somebody else doing it, is that, with it selected, you can see, over here, my Essential Graphics, got to be on 'Edit', you can see that there's this animation that goes on, and the animation is happening on one part of it. If I have my Effects Controls open, and I have this selected, you will see in here, there's a bunch of stuff going on, you can see, there's like little dots here, that means that, on the shape background, if I twirl that down, under something, here they are, the little key frames. 

So somebody's animated that box up but there's nothing on all the other text. Do you remember what technique we could use to animate one thing, and then get these guys just to follow along? It's called Pinning, so it meant that, this guy here, background, is doing the animation, but this thing here is, what is it, it's Pin To, "I don't sweat. I sparkle." So this one is following wherever this goes, and this thing is pinned to background one, so that goes wherever the background goes. This is kind of like this interconnected web, so if you are trying to deconstruct it later on, and you want to stop it, so let's say that, "I don't sweat. I sparkle", you don't want to animate, you want to do something differently, you want to do it with the background, so you've got to click on this and say, pin to video frame, is kind of like nothingness, and now the background I animate, but this won't, and maybe you can do something different, maybe fade that in or do something with it. I liked it how it was, I'm going to hit 'undo'. 

 That was a good kind of, we threw a bunch of different stuff in here that we've covered before, but I think it's important, especially when we're learning to kind of reiterate them, and it's going to help us set up for the coming videos, where we start doing, I don't know, resizing in social media stuff. All right, I'll see you in next video.