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Daniel Walter Scott

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Hooray, you did it you made it to the end, I made it to the end. This is a long course, you should be proud, I'm proud, we've both made it. What do you do next? I feel like we've got to know each other, there's no more videos, what are you going to do now? Good question, and luckily I got other courses, so you might want to check out.

Probably, the next step from here is, probably After Effects, go check out that one, there's a couple of courses you can view on that one, plus there's lots of other courses. I've got courses on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Code, there's a lot to go check out from, yeah, other courses that I've done. 

Next thing is to check out the bringyourlaptop show, it is a YouTube series that I do, check it out here on my channel, yeah, look for the playlist, bringyourownlaptop show, and it's less of a, like less of this kind of like tutorial that we've been doing, and more like a, bit more entertaining kind of ride along, showing you how I do things as a designer, so check out that. 

Also social medias, you've seen them throughout the course, if you haven't, you know, followed me on any of them here, here they all are, it's how I kind of announce what I'm working on, get your opinions on things, so make sure you follow me on these. 

Also, don't forget about the bringyourownlaptop podcast, called the Insiders podcast. You'll see a link for that up in the top Nav, also design challenges, in particular, there's a video challenge. Okay, if you're looking to practice your skills, there is a video design challenge, check it out under the Challenges section of the website, and if you enjoyed the course, and you can think of a way to recommend to others, or a shout out, I would really appreciate that as well. 

All right, it's the emotional goodbye part, it is a long course, there's a lot of work that goes in it for me, but it makes it all worth it when you're here. It is not easy for you to get here, there's a lot of work and learning, and videos to do, so I appreciate the time and effort you've put into, to getting here as well. Makes it all worth my time and effort.

So let me know that you've made it, on social media, let me know, just let me know, finished Premiere Pro Advanced, and appropriate emojis, so I know at least, you made it to the end, and yeah, I hope to see you at another course real soon. 

It's the end, all right, fade to black, ready? Fade to black. Bye.