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Adobe Illustrator CC - Advanced Training

Class Project 02 - Drawing Exercise using Width, Curvature & Corner Widgets ('Living Spree' redraw and color)

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, it is the end of this big section about drawing. We've done lots of bits. Now, what I've done though is I've tried to make all the exercises that you do very one tool specific so that you're not kind of trying to combine but that's not real life, right? 

Whenever you're drawing something, you're going to need to mix a few tools up. And that's what this guy is. So drawing, I've done, I want you to redraw it as best as you can using any tool you like, I don't mind. It would be great to use some of your new skills. The tools I'd imagine you'd be using are things like the Width Tool, the Shape Builder Tool, you'd be using the Curvature Tool, or Pen Tool to do some custom drawing. Probably the Corner Widget as well, remember, when we kind of flatten some of those corners. 

So once you've drawn it, go through, colorize it, a little hint if you are not new, but stuck in the same kind of color world. You might check out And in here, go to 'Explore', just gives you some options for colors. Say you decide to go '80's fantastic', I clicked on 'Edit', 'Colors', down the bottom, the Hex number is probably the easiest one to copy and paste. If I copy that, and I jump back into Illustrator, and go to 'Fill', and I click on this 'Color Palette' here, you can see, I can paste it in there, and that will give me that color. 

Yes, that's your exercise. I'd love to see what you do, remember, Instagram, Twitter, or here, as a project, on the website. I'd love to see them in all places, actually. See how you end up doing with this drawing. All right, my Illustrator lover, happy drawing, and I'll see you in the next section.