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Adobe Illustrator CC - Advanced Training

How to proof colors in Adobe Illustrator CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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This is for the people that use Illustrator a little more of a, maybe an offset printing type of view, and you want to proof your colors, because I design a lot in RGB, and switch it to CMYK at the end. But you want to kind of check and see what it looks like. So instead of going to 'File', 'Document Color Mode' and completely changing it to CMYK, you can just check. And you do it by, turning on under 'View', you go to 'Proof Colors' first and then under 'View', 'Proof Setup', you decide what you want to proof again. 

Now this 'Working CMYK' is a really good option to CMYK. You can go to 'Customize' and get a bit more hard core into different options. Depends on what label you need to go to, but you can see here, turning Proof Colors 'on' and 'off''. Sometimes as well, I've had problems when you hit 'Proof Colors' and it says it's got a tick, you actually click on it to make it work. So it is set to RGB, but it's proofing in CMYK. And you can see the color changes there, right? So, ‘Proof Colors', nice bad. 

So if some have bigger problems than others, this one here has a real big issue, so 'Proof Colors', you can see there, big change. Big change. That's just a little helpful thing to go to while you're working. Just to make sure you're not kind of causing yourself some big problems while working in RGB. All right, on to the next video.