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Class Project 03 - Wedding Practice

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, it's time for another class project. So class project is listed, remember, in your Exercise Files, under Z Class Projects, and open up that Word doc. The Word doc looks like this. So what I want you to do is I want you to add four more videos. You can add three, you can add five, but don't add them all. I want you to get them from the B Cam bin or folder. What I mean by that is, remember, this is our kind of home based project, and we've been working in A Cam, I want you to grab four of them from B Cam. I want you to practice things like opening it up in its own tab, and playing around with List, go to Thumbnail. Scrubbing along to get used to this type of editing work flow. Then I want you to add it into the Timeline. 

We don't need the audio from it, you might decide you'll have the audio. So you might have to make room for it on the tracks, but I want four of them all stitched together, put at the end there. What else we want to do? So it's all about rough edits, so I want you to do the editing up here. So I want you to double click on the one you want, have a little look at it, or look at it down here, remember, we can hit spacebar down here, to preview it as well, but up here we want to set--

I want you to practice doing your in and out points. So shortcuts are I, and O, practice doing that, and then adding them to your Timeline. Now in this case it's probably going to be dragging just the video, because that's what we want, we don't want the audio at this stage. So yes, it is just a bit of practice to get used to that. The other things I want you to do are, choose music. You can use the one I-- you know, I've been using. There is a couple more in your actual-- where is it, here, in the Wedding, under Audio, there is, those are the two I've been using, Blizzards, you might decide one of these two is good, or you might go back and find your own audio, which can be fun. Remember, there's the stuff from YouTube, Wistia or Envato Elements. Use your own music. 

The other thing I want you to do is I want you to color correct. Remember, just fixing the colors of each and every one individually. Just because they're all shot at different times, different lights coming through different windows. I want you to practice your color correction. Then I want you to color grade. Color grading is quite important in this particular one, because there are lots of shots that are, like very different. Like that one is very different from that. There's a very different look to it. So color grading is going to allow us to add some consistency across all these different shots. So pick one, you're going to have to apply them each to every clip, decide on the intensity, you can play around with Faded Film. You can mess around with it, but it's under Creative, find the look that you like, and apply it to all the different clips. 

Make sure there's some sort of video transitions. They can be cuts if that's what you prefer, but remember, under 'Effects Panel', you can go into 'Transitions', and don't make the world explode by using Page Peel. You probably just use Cross Dissolve, because that's what looks good at a wedding. Ah, fady. But that's up to you. We can't do audio transitions even though I want you to practice, it's because we've got rid of the audio tracks from this. These are all kind of hung out by themselves. You're going to have to tidy this up, get rid of the laughter, stretch it out, get it feeling good, and what I want you to do is export it and send it to me. 

What you'll have to do though is-- let me zoom out, can you see my audio track, it's very, very long. So what we're going to have to do is, I might need this eventually, but for this one, I'm going to get it down to this, even my celebrant, tied it up to here because if I leave it all the way up there, and I go and export my video now, it's going to be lots of video, and it's going to get to here, and the whole music's going to play. So just tidy it up to here, so that it will only export to there. Remember, it's under 'File', 'Export', and go to 'Media' and then export an mp4. 

Then I want you to upload, it's like, "Man, there's a lot to do, Dan." It's like, yeah, we're practicing, we're doing stuff. I want you to upload it like we did earlier, to either YouTube, Behance, or Vimeo, or some sort of video hosting, because then I want you to get the link that you've got, from uploading that video, and I want you to share it on, depends, they changed the name of this, so it's either Assignments or Projects in this particular website, or sometimes it's just the comments on page. Just dump the link in the comments. 

Make sure you have a look at some other people's ones as well, and give them feedback, take some notes from what they've done as well. Remember, constructive criticism, please. It can be just a high-five, like, "Wow, that's really nice, nice work." The other thing to do is share it via social media, if you're okay with doing that. So make sure you share it, Instagram, Twitter, there's a Facebook group link here, LinkedIn group. Just tag it using the hashtag Premiere Pro. Just so that I can find it, so that when I'm looking for Premiere Pro stuff I can find it, because there's a bunch of other courses that I do. So social media if you like, I'd love to see what you're up to. It's also good to be held accountable. All right, that is your project, I will see you in the next video.