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Importing & using someone else's preset in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, this video we're going to look at how to find and import other people's presets, free ones from the internet, and get them into Premiere Pro, drag them onto our footage, and, ah, like we did in the last video, but using other people's downloaded presets. 

The super shortcut version is, in your Effects Panel, just right click this little stripy line here and say 'Import Presets'. I want to discuss a little bit more in this video, around how to add them, how to change them, delete them, where to get them from. Let's dive in and talk about other people's presets.

All right, to get started let's pick a bit of footage. I'm sick of Cam B. We're going to go to Cam-- we got footage. We'll use Cam D, haven't been in there yet. So I'm picking D005, haven't even looked at it, it's going to be great. It's kind of cool. I am going to right click it and delete the audio, you could mute the track. I don't want this audio so I'm going to unlink it. Click on the bottom part, hit 'Del'. Find a good spot, it's in focus, that feels good, at Full. 

I am going to install somebody else's preset. To install a preset we're going to go along to our 'Effects Panel'. There we go. We're going to right click 'Presets', we're going to go to 'Import Preset'. So just right click the word up there. You can go up to the little burger menu here and import it as well. Either way we'll end up here. What you're looking for is these, that's the extension, the ugly extension. Premiere Pro Preset, not sure. Filter Preset, there you go, that's what explains that one, it's a crazy one. 

Now where can you download them? I'll show you that towards the end. I've got one ready to go for you, so I'm just going to show you, it's easy, just download them, but in your Exercise Files, in your-- where is it? Under Wedding. I put it in Graphics, that's where I tend to put my presets. Probably they are project files, whichever feels good to you. I've got this one from Motion Array. They've given us some presets, for free to download, I'll show you where to get them in a sec. 

So you've done it, you're like, "Huh, awesome, where are they?" Down here in your 'Effects Panel' under 'Presets', twirl that down. It's whatever they've called them. They've called theirs 10 Free Color Presets. It might be called Motion Array Presets. So just be looking through these folds, and seeing what they might have called it. This one here has a bunch of presets; cool, huh? To apply them, it's the exact same way we did our own preset. So if you grab 'Vignette', and drag it over, you get Dan's favorite; a vignette. You can see over here, they've done it slightly different, they've done Lighting Effects, there's a-- they've done a lot, different way of applying the same thing. You might like it better. 

To delete it I'm going to click on 'Lighting Effects', and just hit 'Del' on my keyboard, go back to normal. Let's have a look at, looking at Moonlight. This one here, click, hold, drag it on to my footage. It's got a very specific look. It's got this kind of like Color Cast over here, let's do some other footage. I picked this randomly. It was a terrible idea. Let's have a look at Cam D. Let's go to-- let's open up 'Cam D', let's go to Thumbnail View. Let's go to something, let's use that one. It's easy to see with some people in here. 

So back to my Effects Panel, and I'm going to use 10 Moonlight. Very dramatic, looks like night time, and the moon's there. So this is somebody else's preset that we've installed, you can work your way through. The one thing you need to be careful of is, let's say that I don't like Moonlight, I'm going to apply 'Spring'. It won't override it, it will just add it to it, which might be exactly what you're looking for, but over here you can see, if I twirl these down, it's added that lighting effect which was Moonlight, but also these two other things, that are Spring, and they're all combining. 

So what you might need to do is delete Moonlight. Spring, it's not working for me, but it's all right. Now you can adjust them all, hopefully adjustable. So in here if you're okay using the RGB curves, you can start playing around with this. If you're not, you might stay away from it. Some of them are easier than others. The 4-color gradient should be easy to adjust. So you can decide, if you don't want green you can double click it, pick another color, you might work your way through adjusting it this way. So you might just start with somebody's preset and do some tweaking, and when you're ready you can select both of them so you've done some changes. 

Remember, select more than one of them, if there is more than one. Hold, which key down on my keyboard? That's right, on a Mac it's 'Command', 'Ctrl' on a PC, select both of them, right click them and save as your own preset. Kind of based on theirs, but you've made your own. One thing we should really be doing is, I'm going to select both of these and hit 'Del'. I'm going to be doing it on an Adjustment Layer. So let's say that I've got this, let's look for Cam, D Cam, I say that backwards every time, it's probably annoying you. So let's add this one as well, I'm just throwing a few in, to give you an example because you can do it per clip. That's what we've been doing up until now with presets, but remember, early on in the course we learned what an Adjustment Layer does. 

So we're going to create a new Adjustment Layer, new item, find 'Adjustment Layer'. It's going to match my footage perfect, I'm just going to drag it on. Extend it out to cover everything, and apply it to this, then it will affect everything underneath. So back to my 'Effects', and let's go for 'Spring' and add it to the 'Adjustment Layer'. Then you're controlling just the Adjustment Layer, and everything underneath it. we've got the same effect, random effect. So there's times in this class, where it's actually just easier for me to add them to the clip, but if you're thinking, "Hmm, why doesn't he do an Adjustment Layer, that would save time," you're probably right, I'm just trying to keep the class, like it's concise and not to get them too confusing. I'll try and use more Adjustment Layers. Cool. 

Next thing I want to show you is where you get them from. It's not particularly rocket science, type in 'Premiere Pro free presets', and there's loads out there, and it's like lots of free stuff. You've got to search through lots of, not that good stuff to find good stuff. One place I do end up going back to a lot is this place called I'll add it to your links file. There it is, Motion Array, I'll add it to your Links folder, that's in your Exercise File. Yeah, there's no real-- you just kind of go through, and you've just got to look for examples. Motion Array as a video editor comes up a lot for things. 

So Luts are different, but basically they're the same thing. It's like Lumetri Color, but doesn't include effects as well, so it doesn't really matter, I guess, Presets, Looks and Luts are doing the same thing, we're correcting video. A Preset often includes not only the Lut or the Look, but also effects, like the noise that we did, and the lighting effects we saw a second ago. So basically just kind of go through here and you're looking for free color presets. The ones that I got for you, I can't remember which ones they are. It was called 10 Free Presets, and they're pretty cool. You just kind of go through, download them, and you'll end up with this weird extension. 

I think you have to say-- I think you might have to sign in. Wow, it's loud. You might have to sign in to download them. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I've already done that, it's free to sign in. You just download them and you end up with your weird PP, where is it, there, prfpset file. People sell presets. You will find people online selling them, and there's nothing wrong with a sold one. You might like somebody's style, and they sell them, and that is amazing, it supports them and it can look really good. Note that-- we've done it a few times in this class where you add a Look, and it looks good in the example, and it looks terrible on your footage. That is more common than it is not. So often you're like, "Oh yeah, make it look cinematic," and drag on a Preset, and you're like, "Oh, it looks a little bit more cinematic." That's probably pretty true. A healthy dose of realism is required, dealing with Templates, Presets, Luts and Looks. 

Man, I'm such a downer today. Let's do more happy stuff, let's get in and talk about other things in the next video. All right, bye guys, next video.