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How to export a video from Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, it's time to export. We've imported some footage, we've done some basic cuts, some basic transitions. We've fixed the audio and the color. There's a lot of what we do in Premiere Pro. Now it's time to export it. 

So to export we need to go to 'File', and we need to go to 'Export'. We need to go to 'Media'. Now weirdly if that-- that could be grayed out, happens a lot of the time. It's mainly because 'File', 'Export'. It's grayed out because you don't have a sequence selected or your timeline selected. Can you see, I kind of went in and I clicked my Source Panel. 

You can actually have multiple timelines within a Premiere project, which we'll do later on, but we-- you need to kind of tell it, like this one here is the one I want exported, because you could have a hundred different sequences, but it's this particular one I want exported, so that might catch you out. 

So 'File', 'Export', 'Media'. Got the blue line around it. Export settings, here they are. Now the quick version for this beginning course, is basically all you need to do is pick 'h.264' and hit 'Export', and it will work, and you get probably what you need. We'll go into a bit more detail later on, when we get a bit more hard core but most of the time you're going to want a mp4. So, can you see it there? Confusingly it's not this one that says mp4, MPEG4, it's something else completely. It's a .3gp file. You want this h.264, and this top one here. That will give you what you need. 

This preset which is the default, Match Source - high bitrate, it's going to give you a good quality one. The one thing you might change at this stage is the output name and location. You do it by clicking this little blue bit of words here. Takes the name from your, what you named your sequence. So I'm going to put it where? I'm going to put mine on my desktop. Just because, I'm normally more tidy than this. Click it on my desktop. I'm going to call it my XD Intro, and it is going to be my February '20. and it is going to be called v1 You're always going to have a v2, especially working with clients, they'll come back to you, need to change, so you can have a v2, v3. Never call it final, be the kiss of death for your file. You're laughing because you've done it. 

Let's click on 'Save', call it anything you like, doesn't matter. Then we'll click on 'Export', and it will chug away, I'll speed this up and see you in a second. All right, mine was pretty quick, depending on your computer, and how much hardware it has, and how much RAM you have, and all that sort of good stuff, yours might have taken a lot longer, and I'll just show you on the desktop. Where are you Mr. Desktop? There you go. 

Screencast, this is the one I want, that's the one I exported. It's 118 Megabytes. If I double click it, it's going to open up on my other screen, everything's opening up on my other screen. There you go, big HD video of me. "Hi there, my name is Daniel Scott, and I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor." "Together, you and me are going to learn how to…

I probably need that lower third to come in a lot earlier when I'm actually saying my name, it's a bit weird coming in later on, but it's all there, even the little fade out at the end. Cool. And that my friends is a lot of what we do in Premiere Pro. Create a project, dump in some footage, chop it up, make it look good, make it sound good, and then export it. We even got fancy and added some text that appears, some lower thirds. 

All right, that's it for this kind of introduction to exporting. We'll look at bigger exporting later on in the course, but for the moment, well done, we've made a little video. Hope you're proud of yourself. I remember when I got to this stage I was like, "That's it, I know everything I need to know about Premiere Pro," and if that's all you need, then yeah, that's it, but for the rest of us, we're going to carry on. There's going to be a little project, next video. I'll see in that one.