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Customizing our workspace more in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, we're going to go from this look for our workspace, where everything's kind of laid out this way, to this, my more happy space, where things have all moved around, and I got this nice big Timeline going on. Also show you a sweet shortcut to minimize all of these guys, so they're nice and tiny so we can add lots of tracks. Let's jump in now and I'll show you how to do it. 

All right, this is like a little interlude. It's a little bit frustrating sometimes working on your spaces, and it's hard to work on things, so we're going to tidy things up. I'll show you a few little shortcuts and tips. So I want XD Intro Sequence open. I'm going to close down Sync 1 and 2. Is it weird that the cross is on the left hand side? Let me know in the comments, I feel like, is it just me? Should be over here. So I've got that one open, make sure your Project Window, I'm going to add some music in the next track, and I just can't really see where the music goes, it's all--

We're going to make this better, like you saw at the beginning. So first thing I want to do is I want to be able to close these down. I made them really big before, which was really helpful, but now I want to close them down, I'm going to show you that shortcut. I can just go to this little wrench icon on your Timeline, and go to this one that says 'Minimize All Tracks'. Just makes them teeny tiny. It's really good when you're working on really complex projects, and if you want to go the other way you can say 'Expand', rather than dragging them all out, because you are--

It's not expanding them fully, because they can go massive, even bigger, but it's just a nice kind of middle ground, but let's minimize them for the moment, minimize all tracks. The other thing I want to do is move my Timeline over here. So Project Window, I always keep it up here, and what does it look like? It's weird when you move these things. So you actually have to click the word, either the effects or project, whatever you're dragging, click it, drag it, you have a couple of options. You could stick it right in the middle, which is what we want. You could stick it above our current Source Window. This is what we're dealing with, the source, if I went above it, watch this. Can you see, it's above, there's my Source Window squished down. I don't want that. What I want to do is grab it and drag it in the middle. 

These little icons are pretty handy, they never used to be here. Drag them in the middle. So I want the Effects Control, my Source Window, I am happy that all of these are together, but because I'm really weird, is I like this being that way. Let's have a look at this one. I like to just drag the tabs along, my Project Window goes first, my Source Window goes next, then my Effects. It's up to you what you do, but we've got that. Now the Effects Panel down here, I'm going to drag that up here as well, and it's going to be in the middle, but it's going to be the last in the group, and it leaves room for this. Ah, look at my big Timeline, look how cool you are.

Can this go any smaller? Yep. Can that go any smaller? Yep. Your Toolbar over here, look at this. Just squeeze them all up, get the most out of your teeny tiny screen or in my case, my big gigantic screen. So I'm going to go, ah, that's my new home base. So my Unicorn's going to be updated, you might have it, you might have more than one. I'm going to save it at the top, go to 'Workspaces', and in here I'm going to go to-- don't click that, click this one, 'Save Changes to this Workspace', if you want a new one, call it Unicorn 2 or some other mythical creature. 

I'm going to save this one, so that if I end up doing editing, which is the default, I can go back to-- oh geez, where is it? I can't even find it, it's not along the top. I've wrecked this one, so I'm going to go to 'Workspaces', they're hiding in here as well, there's Unicorn. So this is in all truth, my most generic, this is the one I use the most. If I'm doing specific stuff I might move things around, but this is nine times out of ten what my workspace looks like. All right, interlude over, let's jump into the next video.