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Where to get Free Video to use commercially for Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, let's talk about free stock video. So we're looking for stuff that we can use both personally, and professionally, commercial video as well. The term you're looking for is free stock video. Stock, as in, it's in stock and you can use it, anybody can buy it, or anybody can actually get it for free. There's another term that gets thrown around, that is called Royalty Free. It's not free, it just means you don't have to pay a royalty every time you play it. Some videos are Rights Managed, and that term means that often you'll have to-- every time it plays, you'll have to pay the owner of the video a little bit. That happens more with like news coverage and sports games, those sorts of things, but for us Royalty Free is out of the scope of this video, because we want just regular free. 

The most common ones are, the ones that I use the most are Pixabay, and this one here called Pexels. Both of these do both, images and video. What you're looking for in all of these sites, I'll go through them all real quick, is you're looking for, not all of them, just because they're on here, doesn't mean that they're going to be completely commercial free. Let's just click on this one, and we're looking over here, this one is Free for Commercial Use. You're looking for No Attribution. Some of them will be free for commercial use, but you'll have to attribute the owners, and that might be, let's say that it's used in YouTube, you'll have to put a link to them, or at least acknowledge them in the description, but if they do ask for it, they'll be a bit clearer about it. 

It's amazing, it's a bit of a revolution lately, there were-- there was a time where there was no such thing as free video, now there's lots on there. Pexels is another one, this one here, Mazwai is another one. Videezy, comes up a lot in searches. Videvo, basically I did a search for you beforehand, and found the ones that I've used before in the past. There's a lot of crossover between lots of these. So those are the kind of main ones, there are lots of other ones. I've linked them all in your Links folder, here they all are here. So all of these are just your generic, where to get free videos to use. These last two are slightly different. 

The term public domain is a useful term to know when it comes to content. So things that are public domain are either, kind of created for public consumption, from the start, or that they're just so old that they've-- there's like, a standing license time that the owners are allowed to have for footage, and it can drop off, and it falls into something called the Public Domain. Often there's really old stuff, it's really cool, but you've got to kind of hunt through it. 

A website called Pond5 did a really cool project, where they tried to kind of put a category together, or at least a catalog - that's the word I want, - of all the projects. Now you got to be careful in here. Pond5 are a commercial company that sell videos, they're great. They're a great company, but you do end up kind of going through here looking for footage, typing a search, and then-- some birds, and you end up not only kind of-- you've ended up outside of that kind of public domain catalog. So you've just got to be careful how you use it. Even now the back button ended up doing crazy searches. 

The best way is to go to, and that will kind of get you in here. Just be careful where you're working in here to make sure you stick to the cool old pictures that you're allowed to use, because they're a public domain. This is the best one, an actual hovercraft. Let's have a look at other kind of public domain. NASA kind of allow people to use their images, not commercially, but they do supply them out to be used for different projects. Just make sure, before you go and stick it in some sort of, you know, Super Bowl ad, that you're allowed to use it. So you can-- yeah, they've got some really cool stuff in here, some raw stuff as well to play around with, which is cool. 

The last thing is, don't be afraid of paid, I know, for a long time, I never paid for anything, I would spend hours looking for free stuff, even though my hours were costing me. So don't be afraid of free. Remember, Envato you can go to, and as part of your license, I like this site because, as part of my monthly license I get to download images which is really cool. You pay your subscription though, or again, like Adobe Stock, they have some really cool stuff, but you can buy these once off here. Just buy once off things. 4K, HD, you have full commercial license, sometimes you just need to go out to these kinds of sites, he's very concerned. 

One thing that happens quite common, is when you are pitching ideas to a client, is you just leave the watermarked version, and when the client approves it you go in and pay for it afterwards. Just make sure the client's aware of the costs involved. They're all slightly different, let's have a look at this one here. This one here is going to cost me, for HD, it's going to cost me 50 bucks. So it's not cheap, it's a lot more expensive than your images, like when it comes to our free versus paid, remember our Graphic Motion templates earlier on, the quality just goes up, and there's, you can see lots of variants of the same thing. Free or paid, there's going to be times in your career, that you're going to need one or the other. 

Those are all the places that I use, there are plenty more. Just remember those terms, you want free stock video, and also when you are on these sites just make sure that when you do a search, you will-- the reason Pixabay can give away free stuff is because they get paid another way. Let's say that I need a picture of a handsome man. I'm not appearing, where is it? Ah, let's-- what they've done, there's no-- they don't have anything of a handsome man. That's the only handsome man they have, and you're like, "Oh, this would be awesome." What they do is they sponsor this, like slightly darker bit is full of the paid videos. 

Shutterstock is another site like Pond5 or Elements-- Envato Elements, and that's how they make their money. They want you to go, "Oh, but I really want this handsome man," because that handsome man's not going to cut it. So you end off going and buying it, and they get a commission on royalties. Let's say plant, things like nature and plants, often you can find just as good free stuff as you can paid stuff. Often, not always. You're probably not going to get too many stock motion, of things growing out of the dirt, but you've got to be conscious, all of the free sites will have some sort of like, "Ah, this would be awesome," oh, it's sponsored by something, often Shutterstock. Anyway that is the free video, video done, I'll see you in the next one.