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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

How to add scale & position for multiple videos at once in Premiere

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video, as you can see, the image is kind of like slightly moving, they're kind of scaling just a little bit to fake the idea, that they might be real, they might not be. I'm going to show you how to add it to one, then copy and paste it across all of them. So we can do it nice and quick. Let's jump in and I'll show you how. 

So to breathe a little life into these, I want them to kind of pan out a little bit, just feel like they're moving. Now I'm going to do Scale in this one, just kind of like change the size. Why am I not going to do Position? Mainly because there are just different sizes going on, and to try and-- there needs to be some consistency across them all, for Position to work. Let's have a look, 'Graphics', 'Travel'. You can see, they're different heights and widths, and I just don't, you know, Position, they're all so different, that Position's not going to work. Scale though, they're all going to go, be able to zoom in to the center pretty easily. 

So what we want to do is, you do it to one of them, and then copy and paste it across, so we've done this part a bit. So I'm going to click on this first one, and I'm going to go to the front of it, by hitting 'up'. So it's snapped to the top of it, I'm going to go to my 'Effects Controls'. I'm going to say, start the stopwatch for Scale, and I'm going to start high, so I'm going to-- I want to feel like it's moving backwards, so I'm going to start at about 103%. So a bit big, and then it's going to get a bit smaller, I'll go back down to 100. Now I've resized these images, so you might be starting it, I don't know, 50%, and going to 53. 

It will depend on the length and duration of your image depending on, because this is quite a subtle effect. So I want to go to the end of it, so I'm going to use my up key, no, down key, and if you-- yours won't work if you still got this selected, because if you go down you can see, it will actually jump and start selecting the next one. So I'm going to turn this off, so that-- because I want to keep-- I want to be in this gap, but I want to be selecting this clip, and I want to say, actually, now go back to, not to 107, to 100. This is going to half work, let's have a look. 

Can you see, it's just a real simple, it's only 3%, but it does move quite a bit. I guess I'd want it to feel like, is that a real image? I'm not sure, sorry, is that real footage, video footage or not, I want that. Sort of just subtle change. One thing you will notice though is, that it actually stops scaling when it gets past the mid point. So just like we had that problem with the Position, with the cars, remember, it kind of stops, but the transition carries on. So you can kind of just grab these and drag them to the outside. You don't have to hold anything down, you can just drag them to the edge until they stop, and it will be right on the edge there. 

So we've got our transition, we like it, now we're going to copy and paste it. So with it selected down here on my Timeline, let's go to 'Edit', 'Copy', or use your shortcut, and then select everything else, that's the same. So all of these are the same distance, I want to apply them all. These little half ones at the end here are a little tough because, I can't do the math in terms of how much that should scale. So I'm just going to leave that, not scaling. It's not a big difference between these little subtle ones, but I've got them all selected. I'm going to go to 'Edit', I'm going to go to 'Paste Attributes'. I just want to untick everything except for Motion. That's what I want to bring across, I'm going to click 'OK', and hopefully, now, let's hit 'spacebar'. Look at that, all slowly moving. Are they real? Are they not? Anyway, they look cool, doesn't have to be just images, this trick works for them all, this trick works for video as well. Easy one, let's get into the next video.