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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Creating an Instagram story video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, this next kind of group of videos, just in the next few, we're going to build another social media kind of video, this one looks like this. It is nearly ready, I am right in the middle of filming my Premiere Pro Essentials course. If you want to be the first to know when it's ready, swipe up and pre-register. Don't miss this course, it is going to be loads of fun. 

So a few things we're going to do, is we're going to deal with video that has to move, if we actually animate that video, so we get the best use of the space. We got some text animating, we do some audio adjustments, fix some plosives, and some weird stuff I do with my mouth over here. We'll talk about markers and how that can be a little bit weird. So really, it's a lot of the stuff we've done. It's kind of like a nice little, slightly more complicated project, that's going to allow us to kind of combine some of our skills, before we move on to new tricks; all right, let's get going. 

To get started let's close down our Instagram 1:1 Timeline, just so it's all clean, and let's create a new sequence. So 'New Sequence', we're going to start with 'Digital SLR 1080p', we're going to start with this, 25 frames/second. I'm going to give it a name. I'm going to call mine 'Instagram Stories', just so that I can use it later on, so I know what it is, I know that the aspect ratio is 4 : 5, and it's portrait. 

Now remember, basically I want to make sure that the settings, I Googled what 4.5, what the optimal is for Instagram stories, and it said, let's add our time code, 15 seconds, 15 zero zero. So jumps out there, let's hit 'M' for our little marker, because I know Instagram stories can't be more than 15 seconds. You can just hack to stitch them all together, but let's just say we're doing the official way, 15 seconds. Right there, this one, we've got our kind of sequence ready, and we'll start adding all the content in the next video.