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Some audio can’t be fixed in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this series we're going to talk about fixing audio, making it amazing, but there are times we just can't fix it. I'll let this guy with the headphones in the freezing cold explain why. 

Some audio just can't be fixed, when there's like inconsistent background noise, unlike a fan or A-con, you can kind of get rid of that. When there's ups and downs, like car noise, and the microphone's not great, would be hard work. 

Do you know what's also really hard to fix? Really bad microphones. So this laptop is my PC, it's ancient Lenovo, it's got Dolby written on it, and JBL written on it. I'm not sure what they did here, it definitely wasn't the microphone. So if you are recording on terrible microphones, it's kind of un-fixable. You can make it slightly better, but as you can hear, you probably can't fix this one. 

The other problem is, if you were really far away from your microphone. My microphone is up there, I'm far away from it. The further you are away, the worse it is, and often with pretty much all microphones, the closer you are the better sound you're going to get. I've got a shotgun microphone, just out of screen here, as close as I can get it down, without it being in shot. Oh geez, breaking. Broke some stuff, don't just pull on the microphone. The closer you are the better it is. I'm going to have to clean that up now. I'm sorry, I had to do it. 

Anyway, let's talk about bad audio. I guess those, that section there is not really to-- I don't want you to rush off and prove to me that that audio can be fixed. It's more there just to demonstrate that some audio is going to be-- that you're going to get handed, that you're going to record, it's going to be really bad, and there's not going to be a magic bullet, and there is lots of things that Premiere Pro can do, really well, and just fix magically. We're going to cover that in this course, but there are-- I just want to start with like, there are some that are just too far gone. 

Just as a weird Editor note, you'll notice there, when I cut to, from the beginning, kind of talking head stuff to the, in the street, was very like, when I was editing it I was like, there's a very dramatic cut. So I used audio transition, believe it or not, and I used Cross Dissolves, just because, you know, Page Peel. 

All right, let's go in and start fixing audio, rather than talking about broken stuff. All right, see you-- see you in the next video.