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Can only hear sound audio from one side in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video we're going to look at how to fix when you've got audio coming out of just one speaker. You can see it here, coming out the left, but not the right. We're going to convert it into mono, so it comes out both, left and right. Let's do it now together. 

Let's move on, let's delete the Dolby thing, which is like a little preview. What we'll do is we'll go back to our, 'Project Window', let's be in our 'Audio Fixing' sequence, just because, it's self throw away testing sequence. What I want you to do, under 'Audio', is I want you to find 'Sound 3', one side only. It's just audio, so we're going to drag it to our audio track. It can go on any of these. 

You'll notice, if I make it a bit bigger, that is only on one track, weird. Listen to this one, it depends on how you're listening to it. Headphone's on, and it's clearly coming through one speaker, which is weird, or on your laptop, it's probably just, let's have a little listen, it's probably only coming out one side. 

So to fix it, it's pretty easy. Best to do it up here, in your Project Window, just right click it, go to 'Modify', go to 'Audio Channels', and say, I would like this clip to be mono. You got to decide, over here, which is the good channel. I can kind of see it down here. You can see, my good one's on the left. Yours might be right, you can test it down here. Test the left, hit 'Play'. 

All right, this is… yep, right, nothing on that one, so it's definitely left. That's what you need to do, click 'OK'. It's going to warn you that you're going to miss some stuff. Now this one down here, and the Timeline hasn't updated, so we're going to drag back out. You can see now, just one big mono track. This is just the sound pull, that's coming out both the ears, which is cool. 

That is how you get sound coming out both of your speakers. Converting it to mono in Premiere Pro. I will see you in the next video.