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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Animating text in our Instagram video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, this video we're going to add some music and animate the text. It's relying on some of the features that we've learned already. Couple a little new tricks, but let's watch it. How cool are we? Skulls, bad-ass music, and text slides in. We are so hip. Let's learn how to do it now in Premiere Pro. 

Before we do our animation let's add a bit of music. I always find my animation flows better when there's a bit of music. Some are in my Project Window, I double click in the dark area. I am actually going to go back to my exercise files, I'm going to use some of the audio, we use it throughout the course. That's from an earlier project, from Project 3, under Audio, is a bunch of music in here, so have a little listen through them all. Have a play around with different ones, I'm going to use Trespass, because it's kind of cool, it matches my big skull theme. Okay, I'm hard core. 

I'm going to drag it down to its own little layer, you'll notice that it's way too long. So I'm going to hit my backslash, ' \ ', There's my little marker, so it can't be any more than that, but really I want it to kind of snap to the back here. Again, backslash again, such a cool tool. It's the one that slopes backwards, backslash, and what I might do is I'm going to put in an audio transition. So 'Effects Panel', 'Audio Transitions'. I'm going to use 'Constant Power'. Go to my little audio one just so it fades at the end. It's pretty loud, and I'd say too loud for my-- it's just banging away here, at the red. 

So I want to grab it and just lower it down a little bit. The easy way is, remember, just make it a bit bigger. See this line, just lower it down. Seems to be-- dialogue should be around this, music can be higher, it totally can. Depends on what you want to do. Surprised, really loud music. I love it. You can have a play with different tunes, might even download your own one, but for the moment, this one here, what was it even called? It's called Trespass. I want to say dub-step, but who knows. That is it, let's do the animation now. I don't want mine coming from the top-- I'm going to turn down my volume. That's loud. This is kind of where it appears, right? It starts fading in, I'm going to get rid of the Cross Dissolve, by just clicking it once, and hitting 'Del'. 

You got to be careful where you click, click on this little transition there. I'll leave the Fade-out, but I want it to move in. To do it, let's select the clip, and you can drag it on the window. You'll do more and more jobs, and you'll start to realize, it's kind of tricky doing it in the Program Window, it's easier doing it over here. Also remember, there's a bunch of different positions we can change. Remember, there is our video, there's ones under Graphics, there's one under this one, Position, there's one under here, and in our case, because they're all going as one, doesn't really matter which one. I'm going to use the Video Motion Position, and I'm going to start my stopwatch. We're going to use the secret trick, because now what you want to do is move it up. Move your Playhead along, set another keyframe, drop it down, but we're going to-- remember, I showed you my animation tricks, this is what I do. You can do it any way you like, but I'm going to go along a little bit. Start my stopwatch, come back to the beginning, and then move it up, get the wrong one. 

Got the right one, it's going up and down, horizontal, vertical. So I'm going to drag it up, just dragging it to the left, just so it's off screen, when it get started, and then we'll move along to here, and we'll just play-- we'll get a sense for the timing first. Well that's an Easing, select them both, we'll cheat, and do Ease-- so right click them, 'Temporal Interpolation', 'Ease In', and 'Temporal Interpolation', 'Ease Out', you should be more official, but-- look at that, beautiful. Remember, playing with the timing, you can make it closer together to go faster. That's-- feels better, faster, further apart, maybe that's what you want. Oh, mine is fast. 

All right, that's it, a bit of practicing. Get yours to animate 'em, from the top or the bottom, whatever you want to do, we've got our music in, we trimmed it up, with Fade-out. How easy is it now to do stuff, cool, huh? That's it for this video, let's get on to the next one.