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Automatically raising your audio in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, my audio's too low, if I play it, you can see it bouncing around in here, it is too low, I need to raise it up. Imagine if there's a button though that would do it all for me, and I just had to select on the clip, and then click a button, called Auto Match. Look at the graph, went up, undo, redo. There is such a button, and I will show you where it is right now in this tutorial. 

All right, to fix our audio automatically, we'll do it to the last one, we'll use 06. Have the track selected, or the clip selected. Track is the whole length of it, and the clip is the actual unit that's on it, in our case, a video. 

Let's go to 'Window', let's go down to 'Essential Sound', that's where the magic is. It should open up next to our Lumetri color, there he is there. So Essential Sound, what we're going to do is click on '06 XD', then click on-- you probably won't be able to see Loudness, I've used this before. So click on the word 'Loudness' to open it and close it. 

You want to find this one that says Auto Match, give it a click, and watch this. Well, happen to be quick, I'm going to undo it, watch, down a bit. Redo it, above it, undo, redo. Just razors it all up, let's do the same for 05, move along. Grab this one, say 'Dialogue', go 'Auto Match', happy days. 

The other thing you'll notice is that if I undo it, you'll notice that, see this thing here, is kind of like dulled out, but when I click on it and go to-- keep an eye on this effects. I'm just going to add the Auto Match. Can you see, this glows yellow. Just to give you a visual cue that that one's being done, because later on you might come back to this in a week and go, "Did I auto match these, I'm not sure, did I adjust the volume? I can't tell." 

Anything that has a little yellow cube means you've messed around with it. This one we did with the gain. Remember, we right clicked it and went into Auto Gain, and raised it by 7 decibels. This one was different, we went through and raised it up. So just a visual cue that you've done something to the audio, and that is automatically how to fix your audio, it's pretty cool. 

All right, that is it, I will see you in the next video.