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Checking video properties size dimensions in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hello there, it's time to get very technical. No more exciting Page Peels, we're going to be talking about things like, 4K, 8K, UHD, HD, Frame Rates. Sounds nerdy but it is stuff that you need to know to become a professional Video Editor. We'll start with a nice simple one. We'll look at how to find out the properties of the videos, that we can discuss some of the terms. Let's jump on in. 

To find out basic information about your footage, the easiest probably way is, in your Project Window, hover above anything, just hover for a little bit, and it tells you, this one here is an mp4, it is a movie, it is 920 x 1080, and it tells me the Frame Rate, which is 25 frames/second, and gives me the sound Hertz. So basic information like that to find out a little bit more rather than this magical waving, hovering thing. 

You can actually just slide this bar along, and you'll see that my first one is Frame Rate, but if you come along you'll see things like how long it is - where's the one that I want? Here's the main one - the size of the video, you can see this one is, what was it, 1080 High, this one here is double the size. This is 2160. 

Another way you can find information, is just hover down here, gives you some other information about it. so don't hover above the line, if you've got the line, if you don't, don't worry, but hover above the name here, and it will tell you, this one here gives me the duration, which is quite useful sometimes. You can get a bit more scientific about finding out footage information, or a bit more detail, is let's select anything in my Project Window, and go up to 'File', and go to 'Get Properties For'. I'm just going to use 'Selection'. 

So I've got this selected in my Project Window. You can have things selected in your Timeline, it doesn't matter, whatever you have selected you can say, this one here, tell me information about the selection, and it gives you a little bit more deeper information, Duration, Frame Rate, Size, Size of the file, where it's actually located. So that is useful, you might use, that I've never ever used before, but I know it's in here, is you can get properties for a file that's not currently in your project. You might have a really good use case for this. You can just say, it's not in my file, but I want to know what this is before I bring it in, this mp3, let's click 'Open'. Don't want to import it, you just want to have a look at this, and it tells the information about the file, that's not actually in your Premiere Pro project. It's an mp3, it's using stereo, if this hurts, you might find that useful. 

So now we know how to find all the information about the size and frame rates, let's talk about what those size and frame rates actually mean to us.