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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

How to make images into a video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, in this video we are going to make this. Some background music, some images, some cross dissolves. Look at that. Making images into videos. It's a few little shortcuts, and tips & tricks in this video too. If you're looking at it and it seems a bit simple, hang around, there's a couple little nuggets of goodness in there, let's jump in. 

So let's turn our images into video, let's go to 'New Project', this one's going to be called 'Car dealership'. We've been asked to make a video, that plays on a TV that is in the showroom of a car dealership. It's going to loop over and over. So 'Car Dealership', we're going to put it inside our 'Exercise Files', under 'Images', and 'Project Files'. We're going to click 'Choose', we'll call this one 'V1', and click 'OK'. I'm making sure my Unicorn window, just to kind of reset everything, go to 'Reset to Saved Layout', everything should look nice again. 

Let's bring in our footage, double click in the dark area. 'Exercise files', 'Project 7', and we're going to bring in, there's nothing in Footage, there's this chunk in Graphics, and there's a chunk in Audio. So bringing in those two. Just keep things tidy. Cool, we're not going to drag our image to the Timeline, because it will create a sequence that has-- it's not quite right, it's creating the sequence that matches my photograph. In photographs, we talked about Aspect Ratios earlier on, remember when those blew our mind, and we were like, "Oh, 4 to 5." Instagram, man, that was hard. It's even worse for photographs, their Aspect Ratios are crazy.
I've kind of listed out the basics. So normally photographs are done in inches, it doesn't really matter where in the world you are, for some reason, and you can see these ratios are 1.5 : 1, 1.4 : 1, they're just weird ratios. So they never match video. So what you need to do is create a sequence on your own. So it's a little turned up page, I'm going to create a 'Sequence'. We've done it a few times, the good default HD, and how do we know it's HD? I actually called the person in the showroom, and asked them what kind of TV it was, and he said it was an HD TV. 

So I made sure before I started designing it. You got to decide whether it's UHD or HD, I'm obviously lying, this is a made-up job, but you need to really make sure if you're doing something like this, you don't design it for the wrong size. So he read out the details, I checked online. Just get the make and model of it, just to make sure. I've decided it's HD, and I'm going to use this 25 frames/second. The sequence is going to be called 'Car Time, it's not Time Lapse actually, that's technically not right, it's just a Carousel-- Carousel, is that close? If you've done any of my other course, you'll realize I can't spell, it's just not in there, it's probably bad, I'm going to say that's right. 

So we've got our Car Carousel, I'm going to delete that original-- I made a sequence. It's probably ended up inside of Car, there it is there, go away. So now we're going to add some of our cars to the Timeline. Let's have a look, so Car 1, we'll start with. You just add it to the Timeline, you'll notice that it's, in this case way too big. They're all going to be different sizes. We can't really use our trick now, I'm going to zoom in on my Timeline, we can't use our All Set trick, because it works, but it's got bars either side. It's like the anti letter box, anti cinema bars, because it's just the wrong Aspect Ratio. 

So what we're going to do is just scale it up a bit. So we're going to go to 'Controls', we're going to go to 'Scale', and we're going to scale it up to-- I'm just going to drag it to the right. You kind of need to break it, right? It kind of just doesn't want to go, doesn't want to go, and then kind of starts launching, if you find that for yours, yeah, happens to mine too. Position, to kind of get it as good as it can be. So it's in scaled, and in terms of timing you're going to have to work out this. You might have to stretch it out if you've not got a lot of images, and you might have to speed it up if you've got loads. 

So in our case we've decided that it's going to be three seconds per car. So you can drag your little Timeline, or remember, what is it? It's a pop quiz, 300. I think it's usually the right one, you can drag it out. We can do a slightly different way, another little tip for you as we're going through. Car 2, drag it on, and the default is 5 seconds, but what you can do is you can drag it, use markers, or you can use this thing, we've used it before but for a different reason. 

So I’ve right clicked 'Car 2', and I'm going to 'Speed & Duration'. We've used Speed but Duration's in there too. They kind of go hand in hand, so I can say I want you to be 300. It doesn't really matter how you want to do it, whether you punch it into your Timeline, and then just work in multiples of 3, 6, 9, 12, and ours, very big, this size here. I just grabbed them from one of the free image sites, Pexels, I think. 

So again, we don't have to use the Set Frame, but just gets it down to something usable. That's way too big, you need to decide, do I need these all to fill, maybe, because it's in a really strange format, portrait, maybe I'll leave it like this, I'm not going to. I want it to be full screen. We're going to use some of these as like real kind of details. Break it. If you do find Scale is a bit weird, when you like just want to do a little bit, you can turn this down, and just this scrubber thing here is a little bit nicer to scrub with. So I'm going to get it so it covers the edges, and then position wise I'm going to get--

We're using Audi in this one. I have dreams of an RS4, sorry an RS6, I'm not sure, 4 or 6. Oh, it's tough decision, but we're going to use all these, like little Audi accents throughout it. Let's drag the last one on. Car 3, on you go, click it, right click. Duration, we're going to make that 300. This one here, same thing, let's set 'Set the Frame Size'. Needs to be a little bit bigger. So I'm going to use my slidy scale one. Just go up just a teeny tiny bit, here we go. 

So we've got the basics, it's kind of images playing like a video, kind of. Let's talk about some transitions and music, and I'll throw in a few little tips and tricks. So 'Project', let's look under 'Audio', there's just one bit of music already. You can go find your own if you like. It's a bit long, backspace key to see it all. Just drag it a little bit so it's a bit more manageable. Backslash, ' \ ' again, let's have a little listen. Ah, it's perfect for this kind of thing. I think it is, subjectively. Now let's look at the transitions. So let's go to 'Effects', and have a look at-- have we--

I'm not sure if we've done this before, let's look at 'Slide', 'Push Pull'. Works, it's very common to use with images, I don't really like it, but here you go, easing's not beautiful for it, but hey-ho. One thing with Push Pull is that by default it's going to go west to east. It's going to kind of-- the new one's going to push it over. You can go to 'Effects Control', make sure you've got your 'Push' selected and go, instead of going west to east, you can go the other way. So it kind of does this. You can go top to bottom. You just got to make sure that the transitions are selected. 

So this one's going to be that. 'Effects', I'm going to add the 'Push' to this one. So it's in the middle, and this one I'm going to go 'Effects Controls', this one's going to go, I don't know, where is it? We'll go back from that way. So one going that way, one going that way. It's all very exciting. 

One thing also, is the length of the transition. Say you, because this is going to be quite repetitive, right? So you want to learn some, how to do things repetitively tricks. So in this case let's say I want the push to be extended out a little bit. I can then, to make this exactly the same, as you can select on your transition, you see up here, it's a 118. I can click on it and just copy it all. So just 'Command C' on a Mac, 'Ctrl C' on a PC, then go into the second one, I've clicked on the transition, click in there, hit 'Paste', hit 'Enter', and now they're the exact same size, but I hate pushes so I'm going to click on both of these and delete it, and add the default one. Cross dissolves in, cross dissolve in. Make them a bit longer. Working a bit faster here because we're getting better, right? Oh, it's the same, I drag it to the exact same timing. How about that? Down to the frame. 

I feel like this is a bit better. Oh, look at that. So, also the music, just be careful, not be careful, you don't-- what you don't want to do is the poor person in the showroom for this car yard, is to even-- to like-- Christmas time, anybody has to listen to Christmas carols, for like I don't know, it gets longer and longer every year. So they might end up turning your TV off, because it's playing this repetitive music, that's quite intense, or it’s generic. Adds the mood without it being too overpowering. Unlikely to get turned off. So it's starting to get there, right? We've got some pans, got some zoom, some images, let's look at the next video, we'll add some extra spice to it, to make it feel more like a video, I'll see you there.