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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Getting started with editing a wedding video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, it is time for another project. We are going to edit this 'Wedding'. So let's have a little look through it, just to kind of see where we're heading. 

"Marriage is what brings us together today." "Marriage, that blessed arrangement." "That dream within a dream." "Marriage is the promise between two people, who love each other." "To trust that love." "To honour one another as individual." 

Okay, you get the idea. So we got lots of footage taken on a wedding. We're going to add music, there is a nice kind of a dialogue from the celebrant, we're going to mix in. We're going to do filters, to kind of give it a look. Yeah, lots to learn in this particular course. So let's jump in. 

All right, before we start inputting the footage, I need to know a slight difference, between my footage that I'm going to be using and the stuff I've given you. You'll see, this is my stuff that I'd be using in the course. The big difference is that, you'll notice down the bottom here, there is no watermark, the ones that I've given you, have to have a watermark, can you see, footage provided by EditStock. It just means like, EditStock is a company that has supplied me footage for this course. It's a paid thing, that they sell. So Misha there said, "You can use it, you just got to keep it watermarked for your students." 

If you do want to remove the watermark-- there's no real difference other than, it's an annoying watermark, if you want to use it for your portfolio, or-- we've got just a limited amount as well. Part of the deal is, I get to use a few of the footage, but not every single thing from the whole wedding. So we've got a limited amount, there is probably another 200 videos that you can use, that are downloadable from EditStock. 

So if you do want to use it, for whatever reason, either you just want to remove the watermark, because you want to use it for your portfolio, or that you want to get more footage for this wedding, because there's going to be a project at the end, you don't have to, you can go out to EditStock, go to 

Also note that some of the links that I do in this course are affiliate links, just means, misha@editstock gives me a small commission on any purchases that you make. You can go around me by going to EditStock directly, but these guys are pretty amazing regardless. 

The cool thing about EditStock is that, if you want to become, or practice being an editor, especially if you want to kind of get out, of just editing your own YouTube videos, or whatever you're doing, the cool thing about this is you can go in and actually start looking at films. EditStock have done deals with kind of independent film makers, and what it is, is, let's say you want to start working on a music video, or let's look at 'Wedding', because that's the one we're working on. Click on 'Wedding'. You can grab the rest of this 'Wedding'. Kammes, Krammes, Kemes? Can't remember, but you can see in here, you can download it, it's not that expensive, 29 US dollars, and you get all the footage, high quality, no watermarks, and you get to play around with it. 

They give you the ability and the license to actually start editing it, and adding it to your own portfolio, and practicing. The cool thing about it is, there's so many cool things in here, you wouldn't get a chance to edit otherwise. It's hard to become a world famous editor, when you don't get to work with world famous directors and camera people. So there's really cool stuff in here you can practice with. So check it out, go to, and you can download the rest of the wedding footage, if you want to remove the watermark, but it's not essential to this course.

I've got everything that we need right here. The other thing I didn't mention is, obviously, there's lots of other things you can practice with. We're going to do a couple more from EditStock, as part of the course, but there is loads up here, just, of amazing, kind of raw footage that you can start editing yourself, and practicing. I practiced with the Jacuzzi the other day, just because it was shot in New Zealand, and uses New Zealand actors, and that's where I'm from. It was just a really nice experience to work on stuff. I end up, tend to working on, kind of video that's less in the, kind of cinematic shot film world, and more in the going up to the internet type world, so it was really fun doing that. 

The other cool thing is that the-- people that make the film get a commission on the sale as well. So it's just a way to kind of-- it feels like a bit of a win-win. They get to share their footage, you get to edit it, which is really hard, to get hold of raw footage, and they get a bit of a cut back, which is really cool. Lots of cool stuff on here, but let's get back into editing our Wedding video.