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Technical audio problems wave not appearing on Premiere timeline

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, this video we're going to talk about some more of the technical problems that happens with audio. So up until now we've just had like bad audio, it's been recorded fine, just not the best. From now on, in the next sections, the next few videos we're going to talk about just really kind of technical problems that can happen with audio. 

The first one, I guess an easy enough one, is let's say that I add this footage to this sequence. What you'll notice is that there's no waveform. You can see down here, in the bottom right hand corner, it is slowly but surely, generating peak file for my really big video. Now what's happening there? Now, my computer's pretty fast, so I found the biggest mp4 I could find to make that happen. Most of the time I just drag it in, and it just flashes through. I have had all the computers where, I spent ages doing it, and if you don't notice down there, you'd think, "It's broken, what's wrong?" And you spent ages trying to fix it, then one day-- a minute later it starts working, and you're like, "Huh, that's weird." 

Basically, Premiere Pro sometimes when it's dealing with, it's called an audio codec, It's a bit nerdy, but it's the way that the audio file is being kind of created. Sometimes Premiere Pro needs to rebuild it, needs to say, "I don't like it, the way that you've given it to me." I'm going to make this kind of like, little separate file to work with, because it's easier, quicker, and plays back nicely. And you will notice it down the bottom, right there, going up and down. Okay, it never goes down, just up. 

The other thing is, sometimes the waveform just doesn't appear. Just, it's blank, it plays, you can, like play it and hear it, but it will not actually be visible. This is like a glitch, happens every now and again. If you re-import it, it comes back, close Premiere Pro and open it again it comes back. So don't stress if there is no visible waveform. It will render just fine, just might-- it's just a glitch. So let's get into some more technical problems that you can run into in audio.