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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Exporting multiple screencast videos from Premiere Pro to MP4

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, this video is less of a follow-along tutorial, and more of a for-instance. Imagine if you were doing a how-to video, like we have, but that was in a really long series. We'll look at one of my videos, or my video series, how-to videos, that's kind of like 90 plus videos, what you can expect, how to export multiple sequences, and how your poor old computer might handle it; let's have a look. 

So one of the things that tends to happen with how-to videos is there might be a chain of them, a big long list of how to do different things. You can include them all in the same project, as long as they're in their own sequences, because these sequences are just like their own, like little mini Timelines, or many videos that can be exported. So as long as you've got your bins in order, you can kind of put quite a few sequences in. I guess I want to show you one of my big projects, just so you get a feel for like, what it looks like in just a real world example. 

This is not in your exercise files, it's just something that I'd worked on previously, and it seemed to have a lot of videos. So it's this one here. First of all it's going to take ages to open, because it's full of all sorts of stuff. It's a little bit long time ago that I made it, so it's probably going to have some missing video, but let's just see. And I want to show you, I guess, because this thing's going to take forever to open, and you might be like, "Wow, why is mine so bad?” Yours isn't, yours is like mine. If you've got like 100 videos in the same project, the actual project can take a little while to open and close. It's flashing because it's kind of trying to open up a bunch of different sequences. It's still going, I might speed this up, oh, no, I think we got to the end. 

So look at all these things on the Timeline. It's missing this video because I don't want to go and download it from my Dropbox, but this is-- the outro is still here, the music's still there, at least, and there's a lot of video that I haven't bothered to re-link for this tutorial, but there is just, there's just hundreds of videos. Let's have a little look at the project. So where is my project? Somehow it's squished into there. Project Adobe XD, so you can see what we've done with our bins. We've actually squished them all into, there's a video 1, it has an intro part. Because we have two different ways of separating our videos we do, sometimes we do a YouTube video version of it, like, "Hey, come check out my course," and then there's the actual course itself. 

So there's two different versions of that exact same video. There's the mp4 that normally gets imported, that we're missing. There's like a little intro thing, there's my Instagram logo, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and that's how we organize one of these massive projects. The reason I show it to you is because, often now what I need to be doing is I'll be working on it, and then I need to export this to get rendered, but I want my machine to continue running nicely, so I'll go and hit 'Command M'. So I've got this one selected, 'Command M', and it's telling me there's some offline material, I'm ignoring that at the moment, it will pass it on to-- you pick your format, and you click 'Queue', rather than Export. 

Remember, there's nothing wrong, with exporting from Premiere Pro but in our case, we want version 1 to be done. Ours has a status warning because we're missing footage, but this is just a for-instance, then this one here maybe both of them. I'm going to hit 'Command M' on both of those ones, and it's saying both of those have problems, I'm going to say 'Queue'. Let's have a little look. It's exporting both of them. Poor old media encoder's having errors. 

So you can keep adding it to it. You can see what I do as well, I have a 4K version, but there are some places where I put my courses that don't allow 4K at all. So you've got to go for a lower version, it's a real big pain. That's what a big ugly project looks like. It takes a while to load, you've got loads and loads of different Timelines, and if I'm honest, on these big projects I need to thank Tayla and Jason for a lot of their editing. I make the videos, they put them into production, and have to deal with these massive big files. Thank you, Tayla, thank you, Jason. 

So I'm going to close down that project and we'll move on, 'Close Project'. I guess I want to show you just because we've got two projects open. This one closes, takes forever. Everything about this project-- how many videos are there? I can't see it, but there's over 100. Yeah, stressful on the poor little machine, and this is not a poor little machine, this is a super advanced, as much as I could spend on a laptop machine, and it still struggles a little bit. Let's hope you're not doing hundreds of videos, and you might just have a couple, and you can select both of them and export them. All right, let's get on to the next video.