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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Class Project 09 – Parkour

Daniel Walter Scott

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You're like, gulp, it's the video with the orange writing in the Word doc. "He's going to make us do a class project." Yes, I am. We've got to a nice place in terms of the tools to learn, in that Parkour kind of commercial/documentary, and I want you to take it further, so let's just scrap what we've got so far. You can continue on with it if you've kind of modified it, but if you're following it exactly like mine, let's make a new project, because we want everyone's to be slightly different, right? 

These are things we can use for our portfolio. So a new project, import all the footage that we have. You don't have to use it all, and remember, if you want to get the full set of footage, you got to go to Edit Stock, but you can just use what's in this course, you don't have to go out and buy anything. You have to edit the interview. Now we interview-- you notice how, instantly I went and changed the kind of order of the interview. You can do the same, let's get that kind of done first, generally helps me, it's up to you. 

Now I'm going to give you some specifics to do, but I really want you to look at this job and go, "How can I make this a little bit different?" It doesn't have to be-- like you're not being hired by the client. You get a little bit of scope to do some, doesn't even have to be crazy, it can be sensible. Maybe just a different angle, I've gone for like, quite a, I don't know, there was that big kind of like drop of the base line. You might go be something different, just have a little think about what, just have a little thing about what you might do, like what you could bring to it to make it a little bit strange, or unique, or different, because we get to play, because it's just practice. 

I want to be prescriptive about a few little things to be in there. So you need to add text. There's an-- Above All is the company really that hired the filmmaker to make this. So we need either the beginning or the end. In your 'Exercise Files', in 'Project 5', under 'Graphics' is their 'Logo'. There's a couple of options that the company uses. So include those somewhere in there, big, small, beginning, end, lower thirds to practice that. I want them to be animated. That's the guy's name, and he is a Parkour Athlete at Above All. So you choose your music. 

In terms of B-roll I want you to use-- find something else to use. You can use the clouds as well, but I want to find you-- see if you can sneakily work in your own fake B-roll footage. You might shoot it yourself, you might get it from a free website or a stock video website. Everyone's going to be reviewing each other's, and we'll be able to see when that footage is, if we can spot it, so see if you can integrate it in. Color grading will help with that, integrating it in, give it a look. Make sure that it ends with that, Edit Stock video, where is it? It's under 'Footage', it's this last one here. It's called z-- mine's not ordered by name, there it is there, zEnd Credit. That really needs to go at the end. Thank you, Edit Stock, for sharing, and when you are ready to share, describe what you've done, be interesting to see, how you did it, things you fixed and adjusted, problems you had, same as the last one. 

Make sure you review other people's work, just see what they did, and comment on their work, we're looking for a bit of community spirit. Comments, high fives, "That's really amazing," or, I think, me, you know, if it was me I'd try and do this a little better. Make sure the tone is right in terms of criticisms. We all want to get better but we don't want to make each other cry. Same thing as before, upload a link, either way you want to, and make sure you share it online. I'd love to see what you guys are making using the #premierepro. Drop it into the Facebook or LinkedIn group, Twitter or Instagram, do them all. 

All right, that is your project. Yeah, I will see you once you've finished; bye now.