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Class Project 08 - Your Place

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, it is time for a class project. This one is about your place. In the last kind of group of videos we did some stuff with my place. We just did one video with a quote on this one. We did a lot of that 100% Pure New Zealand. Now these are just-- they were really quick and simple, just one video. I'd like you to take it a little bit further. Let's look at the project. 

So you've been asked to create a short video about your place. It could be your town, your state, your city, your country. I don't really mind, but it's basically a tourism drive. It's showing people the kind of experiences that they could have when visiting your town place, city, country. It can be serious or funny, I'm not too worried about that. It could be beautiful, and beautiful music, or it could be a bit tongue-in-cheek. 

Now the requirements, you've been asked to make two videos. You're going to have two things at the end, two mp4s. So you've been asked to do these Aspect Ratios, the Facebook feed and the Instagram feed. Not the stories. The Facebook one is your traditional 16 x 9, which is the landscape video, that size. The Instagram feed is a strange old size, 4 x5. So go research that and just figure out. This is a “check out the requirements,” so figure out how big it can be, how long it can be, what you can do within there, file sizes, that sort of stuff before you get going. You can use video, it can be the free stuff, that we looked in the last video. You can use paid stuff if you have access to it, or you can use the watermarked videos from your-- from those paid sites. I don't mind if it's watermarked. You get a bigger range of videos, obviously from the paid stuff, but it's up to you. 

The other thing is, it doesn't actually have to be video of your place. I don't think this is New Zealand, it's just some waves and some cliffs. You know, this is a practice exercise. If you did do this for tourism and it wasn't actually your place, that might be different, but this is a practice. We want to get the vibe of your area. So you need background music, you need to do your Color Correction, your Color Grading. There's going to be text, so it must be animated. You need to have kind of two parts, you need to start with your slogan, and kind of end with 'Visit New Zealand'. Some sort of call to action at the end. 

Now in terms of the slogan, lots of places have them. I was looking at-- I was just looking around, and Dublin took a new-- what did they do? “Take a Deep Breath” was their new kind of slogan, for the city in Dublin, in Ireland. It's a really cool video, good kind of representation of what you could do. This one's quite long, you don't have to do-- doesn't have to be this extreme. I was looking at U.S. states, and they have lots of them. I was like, "Ah, look at that." They're all very-- you know-- I like California's one. Eureka, I don't know if people actually know these things. I'm a foreigner looking in and I'm like, "This is good," you've found it. All very motivational and inspiring. I lead, through the stars-- to the stars through difficulties, oh, great stuff. 

So you can work with these to kind of give yourself kind of a starting point. Your town might have something different, you can make it up, it's okay. I was contrasting with New Zealand names. So we love to put slogans on our towns. I don't know why, your town's probably the same. New Zealand, I love this one. So Dunedin changed it from "I am Dunedin," whichever was it, "It's All Right Here.", which everyone said, "It's alright here." Featherston had the best one, "If you live here you'd be home by now." Such a good one. 

Timaru did like an online one, that never seems to work out these days. Let's, as a community work out a name that bonds us all, and it becomes-- "Timaz Hard." Does anybody remember Buddy McBug face? If you haven't seen that go check that out. Naseby, "2000 Feet Above Worry Level." So good. Hamilton was another good one, they had-- their one for a little while was "City of the Future." Nothing wrong with Hamilton, but it's definitely not the city of the future. "You Mattor in Matamata." There are some other good ones that you can look into, for New Zealand, but look out for your one, if you can't, if you don't have one just make one up. My nana's from Kerikeri, and they're named, "So Nice They Named It Twice." Kerikeri, aah. 

Let's get back to the assignment restrictions. They're not restrictions, they are requirements, that's a better word. So animated text, start with your slogan to kind of set the scene. So nice that they named it twice. Then it's going to end with "Visit Kerikeri." Some sort of call to action. Optional, you could do some sort of quote in the middle, if you want. Like we did with the New Zealand one, it's not a small country, it's a large village. So have little quotes about your area, you might use that, and put together something. Obviously their length is going to be set by what this is, but it doesn't have to be that long, yours can be 10 seconds long, it can be whatever the maximum is, I know what it is. You have to go research, because you have to fish your way through, like I know what it is right now, during recording, but I bet you, in the future it will change. 

So you need to go-- Facebook Feed Length 2027, whenever this is. Now the sharing is slightly different than last time. Because there's a lot more kind of creativity going in here, and in terms of the text animations you're going to probably be doing, either your own kind of, you know, using the Essential Graphics panel, or you might be doing things like downloading templates from the internet from other places.
So what I want you to do is when you do share it just describe your work, just the relevant things. You might only mention a couple of things, you might describe it heavily because you've done a lot of work on it. So things you've fixed, adjusted, I'd love to know-- and it's not just for me, it's for other people looking at it. They're going to look at yours and go, "Oh man, that was really simple." "What did they even do?" It might be that you've had a big kind of frustration with a part of it, and how you kind of got over it, and problems you had, and how you fixed it. 

Really help each other because you're going to get the questions anyway. You're going to post it, people are going to go, "How do you do that? What font is that? Did you use a template?" I'm not sure what that voice is, but-- if you say-- yeah, just let us know a little bit about it, so that we can all learn from each other. Then do the same thing, we want to see the link. Also share it on our social media, tag your city or town. I bet you it has a handle, social media tag. They'd probably love to see some, "Come to our town" stuff that they didn't have to make themselves. All right, I want you to go do this project; this is a fun one, "Take a liking to a Viking." Great. 

All right, I will see you in the next video. It's going to take a little while because you've got a bit to do. So I'll see you in a long time, bye now.