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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Exporting video from Stereo to Mono in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, to round out our exporting technicalities, we're going to export Stereo footage to Mono, but instead of doing it here in the Timeline like we did earlier, we're going to change it when we export it through Media Encoder, plus we'll do a little recap of where we're at now, with our learning on Premiere Pro; let's get going. 

It's a nice, simple one, so I'm going to export this particular sequence, there's Stereo inside of it, I need it to be Mono, all in one big go. 'Command M' on a Mac, 'Ctrl M' on a PC, we've ignored this one, Audio. We're going to leave-- what have we got? Let's actually use h.264, where is he, I can't see it at all, there it is. Let's go to 'Audio', and down here we are going to say, actually just export everything to Mono, please. That's how you do it, hit 'Export', or add it to the 'Queue', and we'll mix down to Mono, so that it's the same on both ears. So you don't run the risk of having a little bit more on one side, or just actually one channel working and the other ear not. Nice and simple, and I also want to do a little recap of where we're at. 

How do you feel, do you feel like you-- I felt like, at this stage, I feel like I had a pretty good understanding of Premiere Pro. There's other things we want to do in the course, but I guess I want to-- I want you to sit back and go, "I haven't got every single thing in this class, but feel like I'm getting the swing of things." I want you to be proud of that, because Premiere Pro is a weird one, it's like Indiana Jones movie. It is, there's jewels and gold at the end, that's your video, but there's traps and spikes, and giant balls trying to crush you along the way. It's not you, it's this program. 

You know, it's complex, I'm not going to lie. We're trying to weave our way through it without getting too overrun, but I know you can get a little bit lost in here quite quickly, because I got lost, I spent ages lost, I wandered around in Premiere Pro for years I finally felt like I got to grips with everything now. So if you do feel, "Man, this is tough work," it is, but with a few practice exercises and following along with the course, hopefully you're navigating your way to it. All right, the pep talk is over, let's get into the next video.