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Installing free Adobe Stock Templates into Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey everyone, in the last video I might have been unfairly critical of the default templates that are in Premiere Pro. It's just a style choice, and they're not my kind of style. Luckily though there are other free options that Adobe makes. It is Adobe Stock to the rescue. We're going to do this in this video, ready? Oh, music. How red is that! Lags it as well. I'm going to show you where to find these free templates, and how to get them going. We're going to start with a really easy version, and in the next couple of videos look at some of these templates that are slightly more complicated; let's get into it. 

To get started what we'll do is, we've got this original version, so the one we did in the last video, 100% NZ V1. Let's right click it and go to 'Duplicate', and a giant list is towards the top. I'm going to double click this, and instead of 'copy1', it's going to be called 'V2', so our second version. Now down here, just note that even though I was working, with kind of V2 there V1 is the only one open. So I'm going to double click V2, so it's open. I'll close down this one so I don't get confused. 

Next thing we're going to do is we're going to delete 100% newer, newer? 100% pure, and look for some other templates. So like we did before, we go to 'Essential Graphics' panel, click on 'Browse'. So the default ones just appear here, what you can do is Adobe Stock. So Adobe Stock is kind of a different part of Adobe that allow stock footage, and they have both paid and free stuff. Let's look at the free stuff, because we're cheap. Let's have a look at it, let's click the button. 

Now without anything doing, all of these are a mixture of free and paid. So, like if you've got an Adobe Stock license, you might be paying for it already, you can obviously look at any of them, I do, but if you want to look at free stuff, you can tell the ones that are free, and not free, and also you can hit this little tick box, and it just gives you the free stuff. Now with this though, this window is too small for it. What was the shortcut to make it massive? That's right, the Tilde key. Now these are loaded instantly for me, they're going to take a long time to kind of download for you, because they're all spilling from our website, and what we want to do is, you can see, we've got the free ones, and you can see there's only two pages at the moment, this, well, one in a tiny bit, but there's some cool stuff in here, and more and more will get uploaded to Adobe Stock for free, and also you might look at premium, paid for ones as well. 

We're going to stick to free right now. The hover thing doesn't work, like in here, just because these are kind of online-- oh, look, a cool swipe up. So there's lots of cool stuff on here, and there will be more and more as time goes by. So we're going to start with a nice simple one. We're going to start with this one here called 'Sliding Pop Art Title'. We're going to click it, and you can either right click it and download, or hit the teeny tiny little 'Cloud' button, and sit back, relax, and it's going to install everything we need. 

You can see, now I can hover above it, look at that, so that's what it's going to do. Let's jump back out to big view. So turn off the Tilde key, so how do we find it? So over here, we're on Adobe Stock still, so go back to 'My Templates', and it's in here, somewhere. So you just switch and try and find it, or try and remember some of the names used. I remember pop, and that's what it was called, sliding pop up title, and you just drag it like you did the other one. So drag you drag, and I'm going to stick this one in here.
Now it's going to take some time to install the fonts. Remember, if it has a little 'A' at the top here, right click it and say 'Sync Missing Fonts'. You can go and change the font, which I'm going to go do. There you go, it's a nice simple one. Before we go further, why is this easy, and the other ones we're going to be doing hard? Basically there's two ways to create a Premiere Pro Mograph title. You can either use Premiere, like we did, remember, in the last video we did our Swipe Up. That was created inside Premiere Pro for Premiere Pro. So the trade-offs are, often they don't look as magical, if they're created inside Premiere Pro, it's not really a motion graphics design tool. Does bits of it, but it's really After Effects that does all the really exciting things. 

So if it's made for Premiere, by Premiere it is not as pretty generally, and the perk is, is that they're really easy to update, like this, I'm going to go through, just change the text and pick the colors. I have full control over it. The harder ones are ones that are made for after-- the harder ones are made by After Effects for Premiere Pro. So another program, separate from this one has created the Mograph title, and kind of delivered it to Premiere Pro to use. The visuals are often really beautiful, there's a lot more you can do in After Effects for motion graphics, but in terms of the adjustability it is a lot less. We'll look at that in another one. 

The other thing is, is that it can run really slowly. This one here, because it was created in Premiere Pro, it slides and plays really quickly, and easily. So that's why we're doing easy one to start with. So let's go and change the text, this one here is going to be 'New Zealand', that's where I'm from. This one's going to be '100% Rad'. I got a pretty red font as well. This one here, get more red than that. So that is our quick adjustment. Let's add a bit of music to this one, because music always makes it better, and this one here I'm going to go back to my 'Exercise Files', we're going to go to that 'Project 3' that we've been pillaging from. Find 'Audio', and this one here was called 'Slow Motion'. This just felt, felt right. 

The other thing is that Waves had a random audio track, remember, we can right click it, unlink it, click this bottom one, hit 'Del', drag in our music. Trim it up, zoom right out using our backslash, ' \ ', trim it up to our waves, and it's going to be too loud. Oh, it's too loud. Zoom in a little bit, make it a bit bigger, and turn it down until we're happy with it. It's hard because we don't have any-- not hard, but we don't have any dialogue to really balance it against. So as long as it's not going past the 0, you're right. 0 is when it starts clipping out, and it's because I don't like it when it goes past above the 0. 

So that's an easy one. Just a recap, go to 'Browse', you can do cool things like lower thirds. Remember, there's not a huge variety in here yet, but there is some lower thirds, actually, I'm searching in my templates, which is the built-in stuff. Let's go to Adobe Stock and do the same thing. Lower thirds, and the quality kind of jumps up a bit. There tends to be quirkiness, there's some, I don't know, hard copy, CNN stuff, but let's have a little look. 

Let's go full screen, there is a bunch of lower thirds in here. Got to wait for them all to load, takes a little while. Depending on your internet connection, mine's going to, it's kind of getting through them all. So yes, that is it, lower thirds, put in Travel, put in, whatever you're thinking, social media, you'll find stuff. There's all sorts of really cool things built in here that are free. 

Why would you use premium ones, that are just even more, and even more better, but you got to pay for them, how much are they? The trick is to kind of leave here and go to Adobe Stock, the website, and just see what the memberships are, how much the templates are, because it changes all the time, and I say, in a video, and then it's not true all of a sudden. 

All right, so that's the easy one done. Handy, that's built into Premiere Pro, thank you, Adobe. Let's get into the next video, where we'll look at something that's medium hard, let's do it.