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Class Project 10 - Unwrapped

Daniel Walter Scott

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Holy Molly, we are at the end, well, nearly there. This is the final project, at least. There's a couple of other videos to carry on with. Just kind of what's next, and the shortcut videos, but really, this is it, this is the last project we're going to do. It's a big one, or a small one, it depends, there's a lot of creative freedom in this one. 

What you'll notice, in the Class Project Word doc, this one's called 'Class Project 10', so have a look at the requirements in there, but basically there's only-- I've left it quite short, because I want you to be able to do what you want to do, using the skills that you've learned in this course. So use all the skills, use none of the skills, it's up to you. There's only two real main things I want there to be in, or things I want there, to be in there. It's the end of a long course, I agree. 

So there's two things I want in there, are, there is a voice over, kind of underlying voice over, and there's a website address to go to. We'll talk about both of those in a sec, but that's it, everything else is up to you. So I wouldn't-- if I was you I wouldn't be thinking, "How am I going to make this one thing amazing?" I would go, "Let's do an option A, B, and C," and follow a couple of ideas, and you might post all three, and get feedback from other students, and from other tutors, but yeah, there's a lot of creative freedom. 

Now when it comes to the footage, I've given you no video, no images, no music, that's all the stuff that you know how to go and find now, and you might decide that you're going to use only free video, or only paid video, because you have a subscription, or you might use watermarked video, because there's lot more of that around, and you don't have to pay for it, because it's watermarked. You might decide to use free images, paid images, watermarked images. That choice is up to you. In terms of the music, you might decide to have none, you might find something that you like. 

What else? In terms of the voice over, so what happens is, I wrote the dialogue, or me and a friend, a writer friend of mine, Dean, we put together the writing, and we got a voice over artist to do it. I performed one of them, I'm not a voice over artist, although the Kiwi accent is quite distinctive, let's call it distinctive. I've got a couple of other accents, because of the subject matter here, I kind of tried to find some different people, different countries. So there's Giovanni, who's Italian, there is Trish, who is Irish, there's Spencer, who's American, yeah, so there's a couple of different artists to pick from, and you might decide, with the voice overs, there was kind of like two different ones that got made, there was option A and B, because I wasn't sure which one works for this project, so you get to choose, whether you're going to use my version, option A, or my version, option B, have a listen to them both, and decide which one works for you, or you feel, kind of communicates your idea the best, or you might mix them up, you might use a snippet of mine, a snippet of Trish's, or a bit of Spencer's, then cut to Giovanni's, up to you. 

You might cut bits out, you're allowed to do that. You might just use bits and pieces. It's a long winded explanation, but I want to, not feel like, it's been quite restrictive up until now, so now you get to do whatever you want, except for including the voice over, and including the website address. Now when it comes to sharing this project, same as before, upload it, give us the url for the video, and if you share it on social media, make sure you tag us like before, but in this case we'll do a different hastag, it would be this one, unwrapped, use that hastag. 

Let's now talk about the project in general, just so that you get an idea of, yeah, expectations, or at least give you some sort of direction, in terms of your creative direction. Let's talk about the project. Before we actually carry on with that it's the next day, I'm actually editing my own video, and I realized you just watched me do this. I realize I didn't actually tell you where the files were. So I need to quickly jump in, remember, this is your class project, Project 10, and the actual files are in your 'Exercise Files', they're under 'z Class Projects'. We haven't got into here much during the course, and I just thought, this morning when I woke up, I was like, "Hey, I didn't tell them, I should jump in and tell them, this is what I'm doing." 

So go into 'z Class Projects' and it's 'Project 10'. In here there's only actually one folder, with anything in it, and a few audio. This is the voice over. So there were two scripts, there was a Script A and Script B, and all four of us read both of them, so you can decide whether you like Script A. If you like that one better then pick the talent, or the voice over artist that you want to do the most. So that's all, let's jump back into the video. Let's talk about the idea behind this, to give you a bit of back story so that you get, so you can, yeah, kind of create the video around it. 

It's kind of a personal project of mine, it's only just getting started, and the basics are, it's reduced in waste, it's pretty clear. The long answer is a bit fluffy, because it's kind of new, as in, I haven't really formalized it yet, haven't got it really good clear about what it does, but let me discuss it so that you can get an idea for the video. Hopefully you can express it better through the video. 

So the long answer is, the one I coin a word, it doesn't need to be coined because it's pretty clear, it's not even there anymore, right? Unwrapped. Where I associate it to, is, I'm a vegetarian, and I love that word, and the fact that I can go into a steak house, and ask for a vegetarian option, and it's a word that doesn't carry a lot of baggage. I can say it to the proprietor, who loves animals, and eating them, and I can say kind of vegetarian option, and it's a word that doesn't say, I'm judging you because of your meat eating, just says politely, I choose not to eat animals, and you've probably got a polite option of Risotto that I'm going to have to eat. Restaurants are getting better, but I love that word, and I feel that 'unwrapped' could be that word. 

Now the voice over dialogue is pretty weighty. So maybe we were trying to do a little bit too much all in that one voice over, but let me give you a little for instance story to help explain it as-- so I can explain it, as the client, to you, the videographer. So let's say that I go to McDonalds, and I say, I would like a burger, but I'd like it to be vegetarian, and Gluten free, and my Coke to be Diet. Non 'judge'y words, I'd also like it to be unwrapped. So that's the kind of feeling for it all. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do. You might go a couple of options, you might try like a fluffy option, you might try a dark moody option. 

All right, that is your final project. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Yeah, go get started. Let's go save the world, one plastic fork at a time.