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Class Project 01 – Complete

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, I hope the practice went well. I'm going to show you a little bonus, for this one, is 'File', 'Edit', it's-- it's not painful, it's just a long way, you can double click anywhere there's space. So it's a lot easier if you're in List view. Does work in Icon view if you can see a space, just double click in it, and you go to 'Import'. Cool, huh? 

So I'm going to hold-- click the first one, hold 'Shift', grab '05' and '06'. Go to List view, because I hate them now. There, I said it, some video in. I said I wouldn't-- anyway, Thumbnail view is fine. I'm going to grab '05'. I'm going to zoom out, and I'm going to add '06'. Often, just dump them all in especially if they're easy like this, in that kind of nice little order, then I zoom in and I have a little look, and I go, I know that that chunk there is the only one, so which way do I do it? 

You're going to get an extra bonus in this one as well. That looks probably about right Now instead of dragging it, you ready for your secret trick? If you double click-- if they double click, no, just a single click, I think I always double click, doesn't matter. Click on between here, and just hit 'Del' on your keyboard. You can see, just deletes the space. Cool, huh? And I'm going to move along, and I'm going to-- which one did I pick? I'll pick the one without them, put the clap afterwards. 

I'm going to jump to my Razor Tool. Delete you. So this is kind of how I work, that's very typical of kind of how I work. What you wouldn't have noticed there is I jumped to my Razor Tool. It's like this, super, like used one. You can see, if I hover above it, can you see, it has C in brackets. It says, if I hit my 'C' key, goes to the Razor Tool. Think chop, chopping with a razor, or cutting with a razor. It's probably-- nobody chops with a razor. 

What we're going to do is, well, so two shortcuts, is C, and the other one is V. I'm forever toggling between 'V' for move, and 'C' for razoring. Taken between to delete it, and then just give it a little check to see how good these little transitions are, hit 'Spacebar'. There. That's all right, and this one here, track it here. That one there, just a little bit, I do a little bit of like, looking, for no good reason, so I'm just going to jump in. Go back to my V Tool, sorry, my Selection Tool. I'm just going to grab it and drag it in. Click in the space, hit 'Del', look at us, editing stuff. 

All right, that is your homework done. Good work, high-five if you've done it. Let's get on to some more Premiere Pro-ness.