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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Saving & updating your workspace layout in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, this video we're going to get our workspace all in order, and then save it. By workspace I mean, like this is here, and that’s down there. We're going to save it, in case everything gets lost, we can at least come back to this lovely laid out version. Before we do that we need to get our sequence going, so we can lay it all out. 

We're going to go to 'Footage', we're going to go to 'A Cam', and we're going to pick any of these footage to get started. The right way to create a Timeline or Sequence is to right click it, and go to the one that says 'New Sequence from Clip'. If you're lazy, you just drag it over here, efficiency, they call it. You just drag it, and it does the exact same thing, get to the exact same place, and have this name. Let's rename it, because it's got a-- it's got the same name as my movie, which is not that useful. 

So we're going to call this one 'Wedding'. It's going to be 'Kammes'. Kammes, that feels like it, right? And I'm going to put in the date for it, can't remember what it was. That's what it was, it was Aug 2013, that was it. It's in the wrong place, it's in kind of a bunch of folders, so how do I get it out? It's a bit of a weird one. If I drag it here, it's going to end up in Footage, can you see, it's highlighted. I'm like, "How do I get it out?" Best way is just to kind of drag it to the left of it, all the way back out here, and hopefully, if I close down 'Footage', here it is, there. You might have to do some like, it might end up in this folder. Drag it out of that one. See if you get it down, the root, kind of, home base, so that's where we want our sequences. All right, that don't have to be in there, just useful. 

The next thing I want to do is get my workspace laid out. So you can grab any one of these. You're going to have to work it out for your screen. I like having Lumetri color, and the Essential sounds, but, I don't know, not sure what's wrong with me, but I like Lumetri color first, then graphics, then sound. And I like it that width, nice width, so I'm on my big screen nicely, and change at the Timeline, I'd rather, a smaller, kind of Project Window, and a much bigger Timeline. In terms of the Timeline, doesn't need to be that big, because it's already got a little bit going down here. Same with this Project Window. You can actually grab where they all coincide there. I just want this to be bigger, and I'm happy for my Source Monitor to be nice and small. 

So that's how I like mine, and I'm going to save it. You can already see, I've got one there, but let's say, for this class, let's go to 'File', 'Workspace'. What we're going to do is save as a new workspace. You're going to give yours a name. Something unique, so it doesn't blend in with the other ones. That's unique. Let's click 'OK'. So I know that if later on, I'm messing around with it, and I end up messing it all up, and I'm like, "Ah, what's happened?" What's all this stuff, what are those, those look scary. You drag that all around, and you've broken it. 

You can also-- you can just go up to 'Unicorn' up here, or go to 'Window', 'Workspaces', and pick 'Unicorn'. Hah, back to normal. That is how you create your workspace, let's say you need to update it. Let's say later on, actually that's just too small in there. Oh, don't drag that one, drag this side. And you're like, actually I need a little bit more going on in here, and I want to adjust it now. So you can go to 'Window', 'Workspaces'. This one here, 'Save Changes to this Workspace'. So it's going to, like update the unicorn. The other thing you might do is, I had to kind of delete all my preferences to make this course, but I've got, one that's Unicorn, I've got another one called 4K Monitor, I've got another one called Laptop. 

At the moment I've got my laptop in front of me, you've probably seen it in the videos, and I've got my big screen plugged into it. So I've got a different kind of layout. If you have-- but when I unplug it, and I'm working on just my laptop, which I do very often, I've got a different workspace that utilizes, my screen on my laptop a little bit better. All right, that is Workspaces. That's it, let's get on to the next video.