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How to reattach audio clip after you've deleted it in Premiere

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, in this video I'm going to show you how to re-link your missing audio. Boom, it's back; let me show you how to do it. 

So we want to get this video-- audio back. The last video, remember we made, we did a voice-over. That was just like a for-instance, "Hey, this is what you could do." What's happened for me is it's been another day, I've had my sleep and I've woken up, and there's no more undos, because I've saved and closed everything. So now I need to bring back the audio. 

The way to do it is, it's complicated, it's not complicated, but you're never going to remember. So just know that there's a video in this course you can come back to. So you can get your Playhead above the thing you want to replace, just above it, then you need to say, on my markers I need to mark this clip, and it will set your in and out points. Then you need to say, of this clip I want you to go and find, I want you to match the frame, it's going to go and try and match the original source. So it's opened up my Source Window and it's matched it here, with the in and out points, then you say 'Override', and it will work, mostly. 

Mine work perfectly, yours might not, and if it's not, let's say that-- there's two things that could go wrong, and it's all to do with this Source Patching over here, so I'm going to undo. So what we're saying with override here, is we're saying, you can say, let's say audio, we'll talk about the audio first. If the audio ends up in the wrong place, it's because this patching here is patching to the wrong track. So it ends up here, or say you don't need it there, you need it over here, up to you, you can do it purposefully or by mistake. Watch this, 'Override', it ends up on that track. So just have this wherever you want it to be, then click 'Override'. 

Now the other thing that might go wrong is your Video Patching. Let's say your Video Source Patching is this one here, when I hit 'Override', it's going to go to this third track here. So if I do the same thing, it kind of works, my audio comes back but my video is up here, you're like, "Huh," it's because of this. Now how do you get it, you could say, I want it to be V1, but let's see what happens when that does it. 

If you've done no editing to your video it works perfect, but you see what happens to mine, if I undo, I did all this amazing kind of animation, plus I've done some Lumetri stuff, have I done Lumetri? I haven't, but let's pretend I have, it's going to override it. If I have nothing selected, this little drop down button here is going to say, I want you to override just the audio, because I've got no Source Matching going for the video, click 'Override', there you go. They're not linked, they're still separate so you can hold 'Shift' and click them each separately, holding down 'Shift' and say 'Link' again, so that kind of joined back up. 

I put it in there mainly because I made a mistake, and because it's quite useful to know, and that's also good practice of the Source Patching, this mystical world of the 'v's and the 'a's. Hopefully I made it a little bit clearer about this whole, why I have all this kind of Source Patching, why it's useful. Now that I think of it, there's actually probably an easier way. I'm going to leave this in here too, so I'm going to get rid of this, and over the top of this I do the same thing. I do my 'Markers', I set the 'X' to mark it, then I make sure I go to my 'Sequence', and let's go find-- match that frame in my source, and then just drag the audio part out. That will do it either even easier enough to mess with the Source Patching, then you can link them both up. Let's do that, 'Link', and 'Clear In and Out', because those are ugly, and drive me mad. 

All right, that's a little bonus video when Dan messes up, and how to fix it, but for now let's get back into the regularly scheduled videos.