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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Essentials Training

Getting started with social media video in Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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 Hey everyone, it's time for our new group of projects. We're going to be looking at some social media videos. Now if you are thinking, like, "Hey, I don't need to learn about social media, because that's not part of my job," I would continue on learning about them because it's just general video, squished into different shapes, and there's some important concepts, that are going to be within this course, so carry on with it. 

We're also going to focus on just two social media kind of outlets. We're going to look at Instagram and Facebook, because they're different enough, in terms of the video we need to make. Once we learn about those two you can apply them to Twitter or LinkedIn, whatever platform that's more important to you. We'll do YouTube on its own in another video, but this will work for YouTube stories, which is quite 'you'ish. So yeah, let's jump in and do some fun projects. 

First thing to get our project started, is we're going to practice using our templated folder, and getting our job all together just so you'll get a bit of practice. So what I'm going to do is, remember, in your Exercise Files, I got this one, it's empty folders, nothing's in them. I'm going to copy this and paste it. Now I'm going to stick mine on my desktop, and in here I'm going to give it a name. So I keep that one perfect so that I can duplicate it real easy, then I'm going to rename this one. Yours will be different, PC or Mac, how to rename. This one is going to be for the client 'Bring Your Own Laptop', and this is a project for their Photoshop course, and this is, I put hyphens between everything for no good reason. 

So let's put in 'February 2020', so that's my project, and I want to copy some files into it, and I just want you to practice with me. So these two in there, and I want you to go into your Social Media, and let's copy out some bits. So Project4, Social Media, I want some audio. We're going to drag ours, I'm going to copy mine, so 'Command C', in here, paste. Why am I doing it, you're like, "It's the same thing." I just-- I guess you're not going to get given a project, in these lovely little folders. I want you to get the hang of creating your own project, saving your own footage into it. 

So the graphics, actually the footage, let's say that's come from your cell phone, but in my case I've put it in here for you. I'm going to copy that, copy it all, and paste it. To get the idea of what we're doing-- I just want to give you an idea of organizing your own footage into its own project. You can skip it if you're like, "That's a waste of time," well, we're practicing. So we've got our project here, we're going to create our Premiere Pro file, and get it put into our folder as well, let's do that. 

So in Premiere Pro, have nothing open. If you've got something open, go to 'File', 'Close all Projects'. Let's make a 'New' project, and it's going to go into - browse - onto my desktop. You can put yours where you like, obviously. There's my lovely new folder, this is where I put my project files. Man, organization, it's going to be fun And in here you call it 'Untitled', ruined it all, 'Untitled Final', that's the kiss of death. Let's do a proper name, this is our 'Bring Your Own Laptop', this one here is our project for our social media, and this is going to be my 'v1'. All is right in the world, let's click 'OK' to get started, probably I'll see you in the next video.