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Where to find free music for Premiere Pro

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, this video we're going to talk about where to get free background music. We want some background music for our Wedding. I'm going to show you the couple of places that I use. If you've got a place that you're like, "Ah man, this is a cool spot everyone should know," drop it in the comments, and if you're a student watching this video, check out the comments, there might be some good other places to get free background music. 

So Wistia is this place, go to They do video hosting, kind of like Vimeo and YouTube, but more commercial, but they do some free stuff in terms of music collections. Just really good music, you know it's not my favorite. Oh, good. So there is just lots in here, you can download them, and use them in your work. Yes, that's Wistia. 

The other place that I get free music from is YouTube directly. So sign up to YouTube, or at least log in. You don't have to have, like a proper business account, like this is my YouTube channel for bringyourownlaptop. Go check it out, In here there is an Audio Library. So doesn't matter if you've got a personal account, which is free, or a professional account like this one, you can go into Audio Library, and inside of here there's some really cool stuff that YouTube give away. 

Now the cool thing in here is that they're free music, there's also sound effects, but in the free music you can organize by genre and mood. You can go through and say, I need some stuff that is ambient background stuff but it's kind of a little bit calm, it's only using drums, okay. You can get really specific, and then go through and preview it. You can't really hear that I know, but, yeah, it's a great find, you can easily download it. Use it in your Premiere Pro project. 

Your question might be, "Can I use this commercially, for other things, other than YouTube?" And the answer at the moment is yes. They're not really explicit on it, but there's a couple of forums that I follow, and according to the Ts and Cs it says, yes, but don't take my word for it if you're going to be doing it for, I don't know, some large insurance company background music, you might have to look at paid sites, or at least get somebody to look through the Ts and Cs, to make sure you can use it, but at the moment people using the stuff all over the place. Some of it is bad, and some of it is really good. 

The one thing you do need to check on is Attribution. So some of them, if I click on this one it says, you are free to use a song, and monetize your video, so there's nothing you need to do for it. It's just, use it, there are some that require 'Attribution required'. So it's narrowed down the list, I've got a very specific group of requirements, but it just means that you can use this one, but you must include this in your video description. So just check, whatever one you like, don't worry about, just-- you know, some of them just require you to write that this is from us. 

Some of them are a little bit, like you actually have to have it in the video. So just check out what they want from their licensing point of view, or you can just go, only show me stuff that does not require any attribution. It means I don't have to acknowledge it in any way, just get to use it. It's pretty amazing stuff. Let's look quickly at some paid sources. 

All right, I'm about to show you another link for paid stuff. It's going to be Goes to Envato Elements, and I've just realized, there's going to be a lot of links. If you're furiously scribbling them down, or wishing I would, I did. If you look in your Exercise Files now, I've started a file called Links, and I'll start popping them all in there. There's the EditStock one we looked at earlier, Free Music, and this is the Envato one we're up to now. 

So Envato Elements, Envato Elements, I have a license to, I love it. It is amazing for music, but it's also, you pay a monthly subscription, but also you get lots of cool stuff like stock footage you get to use, photos, graphics, or icons, all sorts of cool stuff. We'll reference it a couple of times in this course, because there's some really cool templates for Premiere Pro as well, but in terms of music you can click on here, and similar sort of process. I'm going to actually just hit 'Search', and look for it all. 

You can refine it over the top here. You get a bit more control. Yeah, you can download them from here, oh, and download them. The one thing with this though is when it downloads you'll be given a document. In case you get challenged later on by somebody like YouTube, it says, "Hey, do you have a license to use this music?" You can say, "Yep, here it is," and wave the bit of paper at them, and they'll let you monetize the video, if that's something you're into, but this is just a, I guess, a higher level of quality and a lot more range. 

YouTube Audio is cool but it's quite limited, and it's been used quite heavily by all other YouTube channels, which might not be a problem for you. I use it myself loads when I'm working with a client who, yeah, I just know that it's not worth trying to see if I can make free stuff work, and it's just easy to pay for something like this where I can get a license, official license, bit of documentation, so everyone is happy, and the legal team's happy, and I'm happy. 

Great music, but that's it, bit of Wistia, a bit of YouTube Audio and maybe some paid stuff through Envato Elements. Let's get into the next video.